Orlebar Brown x The Wild Swans GIVEAWAY

After all the educational post of the different fits available at OB, it’s time for something very exciting: A GIVEAWAY!
Everyone loves a good giveaway, right?!? Well, OB and I, decided to come together and offer the chance to win a free pair of Orlebar Brown shorts, make it the fabulous Bulldog, or the shortest Springer, it’s up to you (if you are a girl, you could opt for a Bikini or win a pair for your boyfriend).
Joining in is very simple, and here’s just a few general FAQs to make the whole process a little bit more clear


1) No purchase needed to entry the giveaway
2) Any girls or boys are welcome to join the competition!
3) Doesn’t matter where you live, OB will deliver it anywhere in the world.
4) The winner will be picked randomly, so everyone will have a chance
5) Only one entry per person


Now, the giveaway starts from today and you will have until the 10th of October to join; or have your friends and family join as well.
To get the chance to win a pair of shorts, all you have to do is


Click on the link below and follow the simple instructions (fill in your name, and email)


If you can, share the link on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or any kind of social network (of word of mouth! that’s always good) to involve as many people as you can

And then sit back and relax until we will post the winner on here!

Well, What are you guys waiting for? Join in and good luck to all of you!