Nicholas Lemons by Yu Tsai

Friday, October 26, 2012 2 Permalink 0
I wouldn’t even know how to start with this one! I just know that I can now take a good breath of relief since I’m not the only “pervert” who LOVES to mix sex with food. And we get a great example in this very sexy photoshoot revolving around Junk food and the manhood of Nicholas Lemons.

Ever heard of that guy before? Well if you haven’t, then you will now learn to love this incredible juicy lemonade of a man. Tattoos, sweaty muscles and lots of fried food, held and put in very strategic positions.
Photographer Yu Tsai certainly was more than capable to translate into picture this craving feeling of sex and man power. Portrayed in different types and brands of underwear, ranging from a John Galliano Jockstrap to the more common Armani Briefsread more about underwear -, this guy is giving his soul to make us all common mortals drool all over him!

Now I suddenly feel hungry again, I’m just not sure what kind of hunger I need to satisfy first though….


  • Yay! That’s Porno Chic Fast Food! Only good things! 😛


    Julia from

  • Olivia says:

    omg that guy is so hot ahah