Instagram Diary #17

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I cannot believe It’s the beginning of October already! It honestly feels like yesterday since I last been to Paris – and I miss it already!!! -, this month has definetely gone so fast for me.

I’ve finally managed to get rid of my illness and now I’m starting to feel better again, which is positive as I need to keep very focus.
On the very good side, the Blog has almost reached 100K visitors and I’m very proud about it. It has been an amazing journey so far and I’m hoping that this is just a little taste of what the idea of a bright feature can be 😛


I’ve purchased the latest GQ magazine recently, and I’ve been absolutely fascinated by the latest Lana del Rey photoshoot… She’s simply stunning in every single picture – as you can see on my instagram pic above – and kind of reminds me of some sort of old and super iconic movie star of the late 40s in US. I don’t know she just has that charming appeal that really gives me a massive fascination.


As well, if you are a fan of the US tv-shows, guys Revenge is BACK! and It’s better than ever, I watched the first episode of season 2 and it was SICK! love it, and just can’t wait to see what Emily will do next 😀 I love this time of the year.

I really hope you enjoy the pics of this week, there has been quite a random selection of the ones that got the most likes+the most colorful and cool ones. As usual Paris seems to get quite a lot of attention, followed by some pics taken while in Italy and then some of my posts.

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  • Minna says:

    Lovely pictures!

  • SG * says:

    lovely ! 😉

  • lucky you! we’ll go to Paris in December! 😀
    great blog :)


  • Love your instagram pictures! 😀 they’re so cool… can’t really compare them with the general food and pet pictures 😀

    The White Studio