Instagram Diary #15

Tuesday, August 28, 2012 4 No tags Permalink 0

I feel like I haven’t posted any Instagram pictures in ages, but to be completely honest I haven’t gone anywhere exciting in the past 10 days. Mostly because I haven’t got the money for it haha!
So I’ve just been focusing on creating things for TWS, which definetely kept me very busy


I decided to start reading the second book of The Hunger Games saga and damn I almost finished it. I’ve crunched the first 350 pages in just 2 days and now I have the last bit. SO SO exciting, I love it and Peeta is definetely my favourite character. I loved the Movie and I just couldn’t wait for the second movie to come out so I decided to pick the book instead.


By the way guys, I’m interested to know Which is your favourite character of the Hunger Games series?

Another real quick thing, I have a really cool thing coming up, but I will reserve it for next week. I believe you will love it but now it has to be kept secret 😛

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Stay tuned guys 😉

  • urbanmanbas says:

    Muchas gracias por pasar y comentar mi blog, el tuyo muy bueno…
    Abrazo, Germán.

  • Dan says:

    we have the same trouble: lack of cash. but, you now, global financial crisis. I always have some excuse;) haha

    the hunger games trilogy, I want to start reading this BUT I’m busy busy busy all the time:( Too few hours in a day!

  • felix says:

    mhmhm I’m getting hungry -____- the food looks delish!! 😉
    probably gonna start The Hunger Games soon, as well!! maybe I’m even gonna start with the second book hehe