How to Choose the Perfect Backpack

Backpacks have come back in fashion for quite some time, among avid fashionista or the office worker, everybody seems to have embraced the back pack fever, and we can understand why!

But there are various reasons why people have gone crazy for these bags, first of all… the back pack looks more relaxed than the classic briefcase, it makes you look younger and less “serious”, it’s perfect in size and it is easier to carry a heavier weight around your shoulders than carrying it in your hand all the time.

Last but not least, there are so many back packs to choose from to suit your style and personality: luxury fashion houses and high street brands have all made their twist on it, making it an all-leather, eco friendly, canvas or by mixing two different styles and turning it into something quite special.


I’m seriously all for it, and have put together this post to help you choose which could work best for your lifestyle. As Christmas is just around the corner, this post could be the perfect guide for a fashion present to yourself or your loved ones.




All-leather back packs are ultra luxurious; made entirely of calf skin or suede, these are the most expensive to buy, but are durable and look and feel expensive. In my opinion, they are definitely worth the investment.

They come in different size, shape and colour, such as the Versace medusa leather bag, it looks chic and features the Medusa logo hardware and it has a classic back pack shape with a front zip.


If you would like something a bit different, the Saint Laurent suede backpack has a vintage feel, and features buckles instead of zippers and two front pockets to carry your electronic gadgets such as charges or coins. For something minimal, Brunello Cuccinelli light tan back pack is the right bag for you.


On the picture above, I’m styling a dark brown leather back from Jekyll and Hide. That is the perfect compromise between fashion and utility as it can truly fit my computer, my iPad and a few magazines while still looking pretty fashionable.




Alternative back packs are the ones which don’t look like back packs, instead they look more like satchels, porte document holders or rucksacks but they all feature the fact that you can carry them on your back. These are perfect for all the guys (or girls) who don’t particularly like the original shape of the BP and instead want to go for their favourite style without compromising on how comfortable it is to carry things on your back.


In the picture above, I’ve styled a beautiful Michael Kors camouflage kent backpack, it does look more like a porte document thanks to the two handles, and its shape. Personally, I really love the alternative back packs.



Ronan Summers, Martell Campbell and Jack during the Farfetch event in London


If you don’t like the idea of a back pack made of animal skin, then you can pick the alternative: a bag made of man-made materials such as nylon, or canvas for something more refined but natural (see the Burberry check canvas back pack). You can pick faux leather , if you still enjoy that shiny leather look but don’t agree with how it’s sourced (they even make them look like it’s crocodile skin or python!!! if you are into that).

Or you can pick a lovely maroon Marc Jacobs nylon bag which is perfect against the elements and it’s usually less expensive than the leather counter part. If you want to look mega stylish, the Valentino camo nylon back pack is the best choice.


On the picture above, I’m wearing a blue Forever21 faux leather back pack. A good compromise between style and price.


Hope you found this how-to fashion guide useful, and are now inspired in finding the perfect bag for yourself or your loved ones


Ron x