Goodwood Revival: a Time Traveling experience

Thursday, September 18, 2014 0 Permalink 0

I’ve always wondered what it would be like traveling in time, and thanks to Goodwood Revival, I could feel myself submerged in the mighty 1960’s, in a super-awesome three-day vintage car event that was to die for.


But it’s not all about vintage cars and airplanes, oh-no! It’s everything. from the people that dress up (and no, it’s not a cheap fancy dress thing) with the most amazing three piece suits. Their berets and braces on show for the girls, who walk the place with extravagant colourful clothes. To the vintage stands and colourful 1960’s signs that are all over the place.



Fashion was also another big component of the event. One of the brands sponsoring Goodwood Revival was motorbike-friendly British brand Belstaff, which I was so grateful to be a guest of during the first day.


As usual, I carried out my blogging-duties. I dropped by their Belstaff cafe spot, and I met Micheal, who showed me the pieces of the collection in collaboration with Goodwood (#goodwoodbybelstaff), and the classic leather jackets, which I absolutely adore. He managed to explain very concisely, everything about each single garment!


Waxed on, waxed off, padded diamonds, and even with the Union jack on the back, the selection of jackets was really superb and full of history (did you know that they sell a replica of a Belstaff jacket worn by Steve Mcqueen back in the days?)


Walking through Goodwood Revival was certainly an experience I won’t forget. On the day, I managed to catch a smiley Rowan Atkinson ready to take part in the main race with his vintage car, I walked into an old style Tesco, which was just awesome, stocking vintage boxes of cereals, soap and everything else you can imagine (I know right!!) and see the Aston Martin used by James Bond in the classic film “Goldfinger”.


Now, That’s a different way to enjoy fashion and everything else that comes with it. One thing is sure, I managed to avoid the mad jungle that is LFW, phew!



belstaff-by-goodwood-revival-event-jacket-02 belstaff-by-goodwood-revival-event-jacket-addicted-to-winning-03




belstaff-by-goodwood-revival-event-jacket-details-08 belstaff-by-goodwood-revival-event-jacket-details-09