First Appearance on LYST and other stuff

Saturday, April 14, 2012 7 No tags Permalink 0

So this has been a crazy week, things are going quite well here at The Wild Swans but most importantly, two days ago I’ve been featured on for the very first time. I might sound like a noob but it’s something to me, especially considering that I’ve started this blog only 3 months ago (YAAAY).
So I’m going to celebrate on this little achievement and hoping/praying that there will be many more in the near future!!

Also…before I forget guys, I’m currently and constantly looking to expand the community and spread the word, so if you want to collaborate/sponsor/etc, just drop me an email!

It’d be the best chance to get 120% from this blog!!!
I’ll be more than willing to hear your ideas. If you are interested, there’s a free spot for this month Cygnete’s Playground, where you get the chance to describe where you live and where the cool place are in your city!
I’d really like to do a first giveaway soon, so if there’s anybody that can direct me… please let me know 😉

  • christian says:

    Jeej! congrats!

  • Duygu says:

    congrats :) great blog!

  • nastya_said says:

    heeey, congratulations! this is a big achievement, I’m sure you’ll one of the best soon :)

    btw it would be nice if we could follow each other!