Travel Tips: Survival Edition The 10 things I Learnt from Traveling

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Time has finally come to talk about a bit of traveling; It’s the high season for most travellers around the world as the weather is very favourable; temperatures are on the constant rise, the days are still long and the idea of going abroad is probably ruled on by many.

So today’s topic is obviously focused on travel tips, the hard-core ones – I decided to put together a few remarkable suggestions for all my fellow road-trip lovers, city breakers and jungle adventurers who are about to leave their comfy home for some serious discovering and feel in need of some extra suggestions.


Through bad situations and mistakes, we learn.. and through learning we can advice others about our bad misadventures and warn them not to repeat those mistakes – Nobody really likes to get stuck into an awful situations in the middle of a country that can barely understand English, it can be horrible, frustrating but also an experience that makes you grow and learn. After all it’s true the saying: What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

1) A NEW BEGINNING – Remember when we were kids and all we used to do was counting down the days and loving the few days before the departure? well, it’s still a bit like this for me now, It’s about the actual journey and not the destination. It’s how you get there and the experiences you go through while you reach your destination, afterall an Holiday isn’t an holiday if you just think about laying in the beach and get rotten drunk for the rest of your stay. It’s a new beginning and a wonderful journey that will stay in your memories if treated accordingly.


2) KEEP AN EYE ON YOUR BELONGINGS – If you care about what you have in your backpack, keep an eye on your stuff, sleep with it, use it as a pillow if you are going to sleep on the train station floor, and try to hide valuable things inside your socks if you can’t carry them with you. Padlocks are great too.


3) TAKE THE PASSENGER SEAT – This is a particularly hard rule to follow as I don’t like feeling defeated, but when traveling, you have to accept that things might go wrong. So take the passenger seat and instead of stressing out try to relax. You can’t always control what’s happening around you – so let it go. Afterall, it’s about the journey, eventually you will get to your destination (if not sure, re-read tip#1)


4) RESPECT THE PEOPLE AND PREPARE YOURSELF BEFOREHAND – Always respect the native people of the place you are visiting, if you are going somewhere foreign, try to prepare yourself beforehand. Learn what’s polite and what’s acceptable behaviour – It’s very rude in Asia to touch people on their heads, so never do so… and DO NOT TIP the japanese waiters and waitresses – afterall, you can save yourself a lot of stress and bad looks or…. worse.

6) NICK-NACKS, POST CARDS AND OTHER STUFF – There’s nothing better, significant and – most importantly – inexpensive than post cards and other local nick nacks to buy for your family and friends; I particularly love buying keyrings but I have a few friends who just can’t seem to get enough magnets for their personalised fridges. Presents problem: SOLVED!


7) CHAMELEON SOUL – If you want to go to another country, then there’s no excuse on trying to bond with the locals; imitate and be a chameleon and learn the language or stay at home if you are too lazy to learn how to say hello and thank you in Mandarin (if you are going to China). Doing so will open your mind and you might be able to see from the locals perspective.


8) CREDIT CARDS – We all know the importance of cash, but having an emergency credit cards with you can save you a lot of hassle, just remember to use it only in case of emergency, if you’ve got robbed or overspent.


9) BUY TRAVEL INSURANCE –  This is a must, as I’ve been stuck in situations where I’ve had my things gone missing at the airport and such. Travel insurance is a great cushion in case anything like that happens to you, now… ask your bank if you have a travel insurance as a bonus on your bank account package as some of them do – Barclays premier account does! – , you might just have to register and after that, you are good to depart.


10) TRUST YOUR GUTS – You know sometimes you just have that feeling in your guts, if it gives you a bad one, then I’d just say trust your instincts. if it doesn’t feel right, then most likely it is not.


11) ENJOY THE RIDE – Pretty simple tip, just enjoy yourself and love life.

Credits: Louis Vuitton for pictures