Top Winter Destinations of the World

Friday, November 2, 2012 5 , Permalink 0
As the cold is strongly hitting all of the UK, I decided to come up with a post about the best destinations for this upcoming winter. I love traveling and It’s good to be able to get away from your city, even for a few days, and to be able to enjoy a lazy day in a wonderful chalet by the alps.

In this case I decided to go for chill locations, so no escaping from the cold I’m afraid. But I still think you should enjoy a proper december without having to see palm trees everywhere and a crystal clear ocean. On the contrary, the idea of embracing the snow should bring to life your happy kid-memories. How about Switzerland and the amazing scenery of the alps? There are many activities you can join such as snowboarding, Spa treatments and figure skating! how cool is that?


If you’re more of a city breaks and Christmas shopping fan then NYC and Seoul are the top destinations for you. Enjoying a good concert in Madison square while going for a mad shopping at Barneys and then a relaxing tour in central park… that’s the All fashionistas ultimate dream!


Last but not least, if you enjoy to submerge yourself into the ancient history in a royal era, then St. Petersburg is the best place to be this Christmas. I absolutely love classical music and visiting Imperial cities, I like to discover the history and the art of a city. Russia has definetely a lot to offer and will most likely welcome you with open arms. Other similar cities are Prague, Vienna and Edinburgh.

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  • Kate says:

    if you want to go skiing you should come to austria!:) great post!
    xx Kate

  • Tiffany says:

    I want to spend a Christmas in St.Petersburg/Russia so badly!

    • I KNOW!! all the christmas classical music and stuff to do! I want to go so bad, but I’m not sure about going there on my own! I’d be the ULTIMATE target I think :/

  • MPV says:

    Great post!! Really interesting! I guess you can never go wrong with New York. But Europe is beautiful this time of the year. I would also recommend another destination, specially for New Year’s Eve: Madeira, Portugal! Trust me, it’s amazing!