Top 5 Attractions in Liverpool

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As some of you may now, Liverpool has been nominated as Capital of Culture in 08, a very prestigious award that launched and regenerated the city…. meaning of course a massive increase of tourists. Whether you have a week or a couple of days, there are few things that you definetely cannot miss if you’re around. And this is my top 5 selection of attractions you can find In the “Pool”
Hope you guys enjoy this!

#5 China Town – Chinese Arch
A must-see structure that was given as a present to Liverpool by its twin city “Shanghai” in 00′
Massive in size, it stands 50 feet (around 15 m) high, ornated in gold and red dragons on it. Of course China town is renowned for its many restaurants and chinese shops. If you like Chinese cuisine then you definetely gotta drop there!

#4 St George’s Hall
The most impressive building in the whole city of Liverpool! Resembling the look of a Greek temple it stands majesticly at the top of the city, near the Lime street train station. You definetely won’t miss to see it! It’s known to have the most peculiar characteristic of fusing the Outside Greek Style with the Roman baths on the Inside. It’s mainly used for concerts/chamber music and reunions.The cells beneath can be visited and are quite notorious among tourists.

#3 Walker Art Gallery
If you’re a fan of Paintings and every city you visit you got strucked by the desire of visiting art galleries, then this is the right place for you. Made in 1877 this little jewel has been called the “Louvre” of the north of England. There are very fine collections of paintings from all eras. …It’s completely free so why the hell not?

#2 Liverpool Cathedral
I haven’t got much to say about the Cathedral, as it’s a really impressive building! everywhere you go, you can see the little top popping out in the sky. It helds some world records as the highest and the heaviest peal of bells, largest cathedral in Britain, largest organ and so on…
It’s free to enter but a little donation is requested!

#1 Albert Docks
and Finally, on top… the ALBERT DOCKS! Facing the River Mersey, the docks will literally mesmerize you. I’ve heard many times from people saying “they are so nice and romantic” or “whenever I want to think, I come down here”. And they truly are amazing! and it’s not just about the beauty of them, there’s a lot to do too! You can spend a whole day around and still have a lot to do. Here you can find: Tate Museum, the world’s first Museum of International Slavery, The Beatles story, and so on!

  • Shi Li says:

    Why no Anfield? XD

  • I’d have put it in my top 10 😛 it’s a bit off way haha

  • Liverpool looks like a fun place to visit! I may even be heading there later this year. [fingers crossed!]

    Thank you for contributing this post to the Traveler’s Show & Tell over at Mental Mosaic: Even Home is a Travel Destination. I hope to see you there again! :)