The Perfect Holiday in Salento at Villa Pietra Bianca

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Whenever I think of a great summer holiday, I think of beautiful blue skies, sandy beaches, and local restaurants. Nothing beats having a stroll down the beach at sun set to then soon discover a wonderful hidden seafood restaurant, serving amazing local delicacies.

It may only be January, but I think it’s the right time for most of the people to start looking where to head next on their Summer vacation (mostly inspired because of the awful rainy weather outside). And here I am, finally revealing what I’ve been up to last summer, and to tell you all about my amazing stay at the incredible Villa Pietra Bianca in Salento.


I’ve been to Salento in 2005 (I was only 15 at the time), It was an impromptu summer holiday that I had with a dear friend of mine, and it was my first time I discovered this wonderful Italian region. Puglia is the heel of Italy, (very recognisable right?) and it’s also known for its wonderful crystal clear seas and still raw beauty. Apulia (in English) is having an incredible rise on international level, with stars and Vips choosing Salento as their holiday destination.


So I was incredibly happy to have been sent back to Salento, to try and re-discover that magic place. Upon arrival, I was absolutely stunned by how beautiful the Villa really is. The owners, Architect Domenico Bezzecchi and his life partner, Paola Soncini, truly created an impeccable atmosphere, from the moment you enter the gates at Pajara Bianca Relais (it’s the ground that hosts both the ultra modern Villa Pietra Bianca and the more cosy yet charming Villa Agape) , you get the feeling of being transported into a quiet, and magical place.

The gardens are stunning, with local plants (you can find fig and prickly pear trees! I made my own fig smoothie picking the fruits directly from it) and cactus scattered all over the grounds, a foot path made of stone, takes you to the Villa Pietra Bianca.


What impressed me the most, was the main feature of the house, the white stone Pajara kitchen, which was inspired by the rural local constructions. It enhances your experience in the region, and gives you a taste of what Apulia has to offer, not only when it comes to food and drinks, but also when it comes to local architecture. Domenico, smartly managed to fuse both the past with the new and creating an ambient full of character and peace. Pietra Bianca ticked all the boxes when it came to finishing touches, by giving us the ultimate luxury experience.


In fact, there was something romantic about our stay, and not for the fact that my husband and I recently hitched, but the whole souther Italian summer holiday, and the quietness of it all, made our stay extra perfect.


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On day of arrival we decided to fully enjoy our stay, I think everyone does it when you have such a house. I spent a whole hour in the morning in the jacuzzy, with a glass of orange juice, and a little snack, then off to the veranda that overlooks the olive trees, the Ionian sea is right in front of your eyes. We listened to some music, and savoured every moment of this paradise.


What we really loved about being at Pietra Bianca, was the quietness. and yes, you do need to have a car (which you can easily rent from the airport). The beach is about 5 minutes by car, but I wouldn’t have liked it as much if the house was closer to the thickness of it all.


This sort of Holiday is perfect for friends and couples who want to spend an amazing week (or weekend, why not) together, savour the local culture, while taking it at a slower pace. Enjoy the olive trees, that surround you; you can cook at home and enjoy dinner together outside.

We left later that evening to catch the sun setting in the sea at Marina of Pesculose, but that’s another story you will read on my post about Salento.


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The Villa boasts 2 bedrooms, a huge living room featuring a curved ceiling (this is also a traditional feature) , two bathrooms and a fully equipped kitchen, have I mentioned the jacuzzi? That’s such a great add on, as you can relax in the evening while having your favourite glass of Vino. It’s really hard to describe it how wonderful the place is, so I tried to capture some of my favourite moments and areas of the Villa.


We couldn’t be happier of our stay at the Villa, and on day four we felt fully recharged and stress free. A true 5 star holiday in the most Italian way.


All photos of the house are taken by me in August 2017 and reflect the beauty of the place





Ron x


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