Singapore Travel Diary

Traveling to Asia is always oh-so exciting for me, that huge continent has literally got it all, and has a certain charm and mystery that it’s hard to put into words and just needs to be experienced. There are still plenty of countries in Asia that I’d eventually love to explore, among them, I have Japan (the whole of it, yup), Cambodia and Mainland China on my wish list.


But we aren’t going to talk about those countries today, instead I’m finally publishing the photos I took while I stayed in Singapore: I’ve always wanted to visit the notorious red dot, as I have a few friends that live in Singapore (or have moved to London) that just were telling me great stories about the city.


I finally had the chance to tick this off my wish list, and on the 6th I boarded on an early morning flight from Hong Kong to Singapore on Cathay Pacific (very comfy and only 3.50 hours away). I have to admit that the flight went really smoothly and didn’t remember much of it, as I managed to sleep all the way through.


The thing that shocked me the most about Singapore is that it’s not that far away on the grand scheme of life, but boy… the weather!!! That was a completely different compared to Hong Kong. 33C and humid can really come to a shock, especially to the ones who are used to more fresh climates (You guys who live in the UK, will understand what I’m talking about)! Not to worry tho, the city has aircon built everywhere. Shopping malls, metro stations and so on.


On the second day, I finally had the chance to discover the city with a local friend and I managed to see and capture on camera a few famous landmarks , such as the Merlion (how awesome is that?!) , The buddhist temple in China Town, the Orchard and the incredible city sky line by the Marina Bay Sands (talking about the Marina Bay, that Shopping mall is insane).

In the evening, we met with another friend, and we then all headed towards the Makansutra Glutton’s bay for some Singa-food and chilled by the bay after!


I have to admit that Singaporean food has become one of my new favourite cuisines, with satay chicken, chilli crab and curry dishes to die for! And it can be inexpensive too if you know where to go eat and aren’t fussed about spending your money to a restaurant – trust me, the local food courts serve delicious A-rated dishes.


My time in Singapore has truly been remarkable, and I truly feel blessed to have been able to visit it with some of the locals (that made it feel all less touristy for sure) and can’t wait to go back again


Now, I feel like I’ve been dragged the post on for too long, so please enjoy some of the photos I’ve taken and do leave a comment! If you have been, you can tell what you liked the most about Singapore, or if you haven’t, you can let me know what you think about what you read/saw in this post!



Ron x


The super tree grove in Singapore captured by Ronan Summers

singapore-travel-diary-supertree-grove-03 singapore-travel-diary-orchard-10

Singapore sky line and the impressive Science and technology Museum

singapore-travel-diary-streets-11 singapore-travel-diary-streets-12-details

The Merlion and the Singapore skyline during the day

Close up of Marina Bay Sands

Singapore skyline at Night, captured by Travel blogger Ronan

Details of the Indian temple in Singapore


The streets of Singapore seen from the lens of travel blogger Ronan Summers

Inside the Chinese temple in Singapore