Realm & Empire Fall/Winter 2013 Private Tour on HMS Belfast

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One of the best things of having a fashion blog is being able to attend cool events and get involved into the fashion world fully; and Realm & Empire managed to put on a great show for the preview of their Fall/Winter 2013 collection. 

Located on the HMS Belfast, the collection took inspiration from the navy, showing many of their garments recalling the uniform of the british navy empire; the outwear which consists mainly of waxed Parka with the detachable hoodie and the two-tone pea coat are our favourite pieces of the collection, showing through and fully the vision of the brand. – The waxed parka is available online for £325.00 while the peacoat is sold for £275.00

T-shirts and sweaters with the traditional naval army prints are made of 100% cotton and are stone washed for a vintage feel and look. The quality of the material is incredible; Planes, war ships, and Churchill are some of the prints available. The historical archive which they take their prints from contains more than 10 million photos, so you can expect only the best and a fairly big range of t-shirts.


As described on their lookbook “Part of the unique appeal of Realm & Empire is the charming patriotism that resides at the very heart of the brand, and our desire to pay tribute to the most admirable aspects of Britishness in everything we do” and we couldn’t agree more with such statement, as the collection truly reflects their outstanding effort on recreating pieces from the past which makes the Brits who they are, and proud of their roots. 


Thanks to Realm & Empire, we received a private exclusive tour of the War Ship HMS Belfast, which is now anchored to the river side of the Thames. Since the collection was actually shot on the boat, we got to see and find out the history of the HMS Belfast, about the harsh living conditions of the brits soldiers that were allocated on the boat during WWII and all the engines and cabins of the ship; the tour was nonetheless incredible and turned out to be interesting and so fashionable; 


of course by the end of the night, we also got offered a great selection of canapés – here it shows the attention to details, as the dishes were 100% british and somewhat related to the naval tradition.. I mean miniature Fish Pies and Sausage and Mash, couldn’t be more brit!-, drinks and goodie bags. 

The attention to details was outstanding, and It’s hard nowadays to find a brand that makes you feel so looked after. Would we do it all over again? OH, yes! 

REALM & EMPIRE official website