OPERA di PERONI: La Rondine

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I always get very excited whenever I get invited to events, and this time around It wasn’t particularly fashion related as LC:M, it was instead a VIP opening night event hosted by Peroni Nastro Azzurro, I’ve had the pleasure to work alongside the company before and there was no way I was going to miss this show – if you have missed it you can have a nose by clicking here – VIVI IN STILE 

Now, you might not be huge fans of classic music and the Opera, but this is warehouse opera, held in very grunge venue in Shoreditch, something new and revolutionary.
Forget about the pompous glitz of La Scala di Milano or wearing an uncomfortable tuxedo while pretending to be posh. No sir! There were no teather seats, nor a stage.
The whole Factory 7 was the stage: a living room, a king size bed, a mountain of shoe-boxes piled up and placed against a wall and many sofas were positioned here and there.

The Opera was La Rondine, also known as “The Swallow”, by Puccini, reinvented and adapted by GO OPERA, a team of young and fresh creative people who wish to revolution the Opera as the world knows it.

The story can be sum up very briefly, revolving around the character of Magda played by the beautiful Polish Soprano Anna Jeruc – Kopec – a very famous singer that returns to the spotlights after a 2 years break rumoured to be the result of her relationship with her protector and multi-millionaire Rambaldo, crosses her destiny with Ruggero, who attending the private party as a journalist, needless to say from that night on it starts the tale of lust, jealousy and betrayal. A very simple and clear story!

The mistery of it all was the exciting part, we just didn’t know what to expect from it. The wait was slightly long but the free Peroni beers and the finger food were definitely making up for it.
The music on the other end was just perfect – I will try to post a few videos that I made on the phone -, It was mainly a trio who played the instrumental parts: A pianist, a violinist and a clarinetist seemed to be more than enough. Of course, it’s impossible to forget the magic of the funky beats, the innovation and modern touch given by Kwes.

The venue was filled by a mixed crowd for sure, Vips such as Actors and models – wasn’t sitting far from Dudley O’Shaughnessy…. The hot guy who featured in the We Found Love video by Rihanna? Does that ring any bell? and MR HUDSON too, saw his tweet!!!– hipsters and musicians.

Overall, by the time the show ended at 10.30pm, while I was talking to my friend Hannah, we both agreed on how good it was. How great it was to get to see the Opera singers wander around, sing and mingle with us, It just felt like we were inside the story – funny enough, the day after I received a tweet from Magda thanking me for joining the party … It was an awesome idea!– and involved at once with the characters. We could feel the anger of Rumbaldo and Ruggero and the sorrow of Magda, an experience that I will hardly forget and worth trying. 

I’d like to mention that the show is no longer in London, but if you are around in Bristol – yes you guys! – you can have the chance to buy the tickets for the event held on the 27th and 28th of March for £10 OR if you are interested I will be posting in the next 2 days a link where you could enter a competition and be among the lucky ones to win some free tickets for the 28th of March show, how does that sound? 


  • I think it has been a very exciting event!!!!
    it’s a pity that I’m so far!!!
    a big kiss and a wonderful week end!!!