Mr Summers’ Summer: Nice & Monaco

Thursday, August 13, 2015 0 , , , , Permalink 1

If you stumbled upon my latest fashion editorials, you might have noticed that I spent my Birthday weekend with my partner in the South of France, enjoying a wonderful relaxing afternoon in one of the private beaches at the Promenade des Anglais, sipping a glass of Vino and stuffing my face on French Cuisine in between.


Incredible would be the word to describe my visit to Nice, as being such a quaint yet relaxed city; I thought it was a great place to stay if you like beach holidays but don’t wish to compromise the classic city-break things to do (visit museums, roam around the old town and find nice restaurants).. I’m one of those people who’d get extremely bored of the same Beach routine all day-everyday.


In this case, the beach was so good, with miles and miles of coast lines, it was the best way to relax while enjoying a long walk on the Promenade, look around for cafes and truly savour the gorgeous views of the sea. And let me just say, the waters are truly light blue, and live up to the Cote D’azur name that have been given by painters.


On the other hand, a 50 minute taxi-drive away, Monaco has all the glitz and glamour that it is renown for; with yachts, fast cars and designer boutiques (Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Dior… you name it, you get it) found all over the place. Monaco is VERY expensive (18euro for two bottles of water?! Hello??) and is built all over giving that busy metropolis look and feel.


I have to admit, It was great to see in person the F1 streets as seen during the Grand Prix (please look below) and looking around the Casino, and the upper part of the city. But I was slightly disappointed that there was not a lot of space for the beach. Then again, would I want to swim close where all these massive boats are?! Probably not!


I hope you enjoy the photos I took, and would love to hear whether you are more of a Monaco or Nice person!



Ron x