Mandarin Oriental, Tokyo: A Dinner experience at K’shiki

Dreaming about visiting Japan has finally become a reality for me; as I landed at Narita Airport, and looked outside my plane window, I felt a great sense of accomplishment. I know it might sound silly, but when you’ve always dreamed about going to Tokyo, and seeing with your own eyes the likes of Tokyo tower, and how Japanese people live, small things like these do make you feel great about yourself.


Apart from my visit to the city (which you’ll get to enjoy a photo diary very soon), I’ve also had the pleasure of having  a tour of one of the most beautiful luxury hotels in Tokyo; The Mandarin Oriental, of course!

This 5 star luxury hotel is located in the Tokyo central district, and as I was told by one of the representatives, it has been inspired by the idea of a huge living tree; starting from the bottom part/roots featuring a water fall installation (these would be considered the roots). The rooms, (of which there are  179), would be the branches, while the lobby and the restaurant are the top part of this large, living tree.


As soon as I arrived in the lobby, and was waiting to meet Chie (the lovely Public relations assistant), what caught my eye the most about the Mandarin Oriental, was the incredible attention to detail; the dark orange light of the sun setting was translating beautifully with these oriental elements; the wooden furniture, the red thread above the ceiling, and the textured carpets.


Meeting the people at the Mandarin Oriental was such a pleasure, and I was taken on a mini tour to see the different restaurants (12 in total, and all ten have been awarded a Michelin star) and experience “La Cena” at K’shiki (In japanese the name means the scenery). Their Italian restaurant situated on the 38th floor, has one of the best views of Tokyo, and on a clear day, you might be lucky enough see Mount Fuji in the distance!!



Here’s how it went down at K’shiki




mandarin-oriental-tokyo-08 mandarin-oriental-tokyo-06 mandarin-oriental-tokyo-05 mandarin-oriental-tokyo-09 mandarin-oriental-tokyo-10 mandarin-oriental-tokyo-11
mandarin-oriental-tokyo-03 mandarin-oriental-tokyo-02



This Italian restaurant is meant to give you a wonderful Italian dinner experience right in the heart of Tokyo.

Chie kindly joined me for dinner and we had a great time talking travels, fashion.

Of course, I did manage to pick her brain a bit about the hotel, and the city.


The food was absolutely amazing! I decided to try the 8 course meal “Daniele” (named after Chef Daniele), starting with the Bruschetta/Parma Ham and Mozzarella starter combination, followed by Shrimp agnolotti pasta (very similar to ravioli), and moving to the Main course consisting of seared Japanese beef (this was truly delicious and extra tender) and finishing off with a crunchy strawberry mille foglie and sgroppino (a frozen alcohol beverage, very similar to a sorbet)


Pictures below give you a clear idea of the portions and how delightful the food is.

mandarin-oriental-tokyo-food-starter-mozzarellamandarin-oriental-tokyo-food-main-kobi-beef mandarin-oriental-tokyo-food-starter-prawn-scallops mandarin-oriental-tokyo-food-starter-prawn-tortelloni




What made such an experience truly excellent (apart from the food), was the hospitality, and the outstanding views of the city.


When you sit down and you glance at the sun setting and hitting the glass windows, and you see the whole of Tokyo slowly changing, and all of the city lights start to come on; this makes everything so worth while. At that moment, I felt so grateful to have been invited to experience it all


I was fascinated by the history of the hotel, and this little trip over to the Mandarin Oriental, made my Japan journey one that I will never forget.

(All the pictures are taken by me, and I hope they represent and translates the beauty of the hotel, the city and all of the details that captured my attention)


If you wish to experience the Mandarin Oriental Tokyo, you can book your room here



Ron x

mandarin-oriental-tokyo-13 mandarin-oriental-tokyo-14 mandarin-oriental-tokyo-15 mandarin-oriental-tokyo-16 mandarin-oriental-tokyo-17 mandarin-oriental-tokyo-18 mandarin-oriental-tokyo-19