London Bridge is Going Down #2

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I feel like I need to apologize to you guys first, as I’ve been unable to post as much as the previous week, Unfortunately I have been very very busy and that took my time away from creating new posts for THE WILD SWANS but I promise that this week will be better! Starting with the second part of a little visit to London! One of the most beautiful capitals of the world!!

More pictures obviously but most importantly, here below 5 facts about London! You actually never know, once you read them you might want to visit! If not, then they will still be cool facts to go and tell you friends 😉



1) London is the biggest city in Britain AND in Europe! It occupies over 620 square miles – VERY IMPRESSIVE!


2) London has the highest population density in Britain, with 4699 people per square kilometre!


3) There are over 100 theatres in London, including 50 in the West End. London theatre accounts for 45% of all UK theatre admissions and over 70% of box-office revenues.


4) The tallest building in London and the UK, is in Canary Wharf, which is part of the London Docklands. It is called the Canary Wharf Tower and stands at 244 metres or 800 feet high and was built in 1991.


5) The London Underground, was built in 1863, which is known as the ‘Tube’, and was the first metro of the world


  • wonderful post about London!
    I love it!
    ciao my dear friend, have a wonderful week end!

  • london is amazing!!!!!!!!!!

  • You definitely have a knack for writing! Nice post!

  • christian says:

    stunning pictures!

  • MissJay says:

    Unique cover of this wonderful city. I’m planning to go this summer :)