Liverpool at Night

Friday, December 30, 2011 1 No tags Permalink 0

So last night I’ve decided to take my little baby (YES, my canon 40d) out for a walk.


Unfortunately I’ve been ill in the past couple of days and I was dying to try my toy outside and discover the real potential of it and booooooooooyy, I was amazed by it!


In this special post I’ll give you all a little sneak a peak of Liverpool, a taste of what it looks like… and I couldn’t have been any wiser than showing it when the beautiful Christmas lights are on!!


I have got to say that It really looks gorgeous with the Decorations all around, and it makes me feel sad to think that they will eventually be taken down after New Year’s day!
Town was really busy and cold (and…surprise surprise… wet), but that didn’t stop me from taking pics before going to work. I hope you all enjoy this little treat!

Lime Street Train Station X Church Street X Christmas Raindeer X Radio Station

  • Ulia Ali says:

    haha how King Henry would react if he knows how his portraits will be used in the future 😀
    anyway, loved all the pictures!

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