Kenya Travel Diary

If you could ask me what my dream trip would be, then my answer would be a safari in Africa. I always thought that seeing all the animals roaming the beautiful lands of the savannah, was something magical and very special… well, my dream turned out to become a reality, as Kenya was our first honeymoon choice.


Africa is truly special, and it’s difficult to translate such beauty into words; the colours are so vivid, especially at dusk and dawn, and when you fly to the Mara, you get to see so many animals, even when you land or depart on the little 10 seater plane! The landscape is breath taking, with trees resembling big umbrellas, vast endless plains and hills surrounding them, and how can we possibly forget to mention the river Mara? You could spot crocs and hippos from our luxury tent, I mean, how many people can say they have been blessed with hearing the hippos at 5AM?


We managed to see almost all of the animals, despite only being at the Masai Mara for 4 days! Lions, check. Rhinos, check. Buffalos, check. Elephants, check (out of the big 5, the leopard was the one missing from our list)! Tons of giraffes, zebras and antilopes too (topis, tik tiks, and so on)


Safari game drives can be tiring, but they are also very satisfying. Going back to the Fairmont Mara Safari Club after, was pure bliss. The food was amazing, and after the evening meal, and a good green tea outside the main area, it was time for bed to get ready for an early start – wake up calls were at 5.30am (coffees and hot chocolates were brought to us in the tent) and by 6.05, we were out in the African landscapes, spotting more animals.


Below you can see some of the images I took during our African adventure!


kenya-travel-lounge-02 kenya-travel-lounge-03 kenya-travel-lounge-04 kenya-travel-lounge-05 kenya-travel-lounge-07 kenya-travel-lounge-08 kenya-travel-lounge-09 kenya-travel-lounge-10 safari-giraffe-03-s