Hong Kong Photo Diary Day 3

My Third day in Hong Kong, was all about enjoying the view of HK Island from the Mainland – Once you reach Kowloon, you get the feel of how busy and vibrant this city really is – This district is especially famous for its markets (Mong Kok markets, Gold Fish markets etc), endless restaurants and the tailoring services.


From Jordan station, I made my way towards what I thought was the harbour, (but then found out I was going to the wrong direction), so I stopped and went for a quick lunch in this cute Japanese place , and managed to bargain myself to the most delicious Pork ramen and pan-fried Gyozas.

Nathan road must be one of the longest streets in Hong Kong, so it’s easy to get around that area, if you keep going, you will soon find yourself by the Peninsula Hotel, and the Victoria Harbour.


There’s no place like the Harbour, and when I used to live in Liverpool, I really enjoyed going by the waterfront and have a wander around while thinking to myself, or listening to music on my iPod. From there, you can either get a ferry that will take you to a boat-ride to the other side, or… you can go towards the Avenue of the stars, which is a sort of Hollywood’s walk of fame… but with Chinese actors and people from the film industry. (see photo of Bruce Lee’s statue) 


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