Hong Kong Photo Diary Day 2

One of the many things I loved about Hong Kong was that it’s a metropolis surrounded by green hills and built on a jungle-like ground. Meaning, you can pack your back-pack and venture outside in the real world, have a little adventure – On my second day in HK, I’ve decided to wake up early, visit Lantau Island and see with my eyes the Big Buddha in Ngong Ping.


I was still quite jet lagged and by the time I reached the 360 Cable cars, reality check sort-of-hit me; I’ll explain better… I must admit I’m afraid of heights, so this was a bit of a challenge for me… but still that didn’t stop me.


A 15 mins journey ride, and there I was, on top of this tiny village, with my mouth wide open as I was trying to take in how breath-takingly beautiful the view was. I walked through the village, and found my way to the commercial street. This, was full of restaurants, cafes and little shops… Once you reach the big arch, you will be welcomed by the statues of the 12 Chinese Kings, representing the Chinese Zodiac, on your right, the fleet of stairs (268 to be precise) that take you up, up, up..to the Tian Tan while on your left, the Monk monastery (which is still running).


Being able to just meditate, and pray for something, made it all worth it to me – I’m by no means a religious person, but seeing all these people, going there, and kneeing in front of the Big Buddha, was so inspirational. I stayed up there for 20 minutes, wandering around, and just thinking about my life, then I got back and took the bus to Tai O. A cute fishing village, known as the little venice of China.

If you get the chance to get there, make sure you have a proper look around, enjoy the outside markets (speciality, dried fish!) and take a boat trip to spot the Chinese white dolphins. That was my own way to escape the chaotic city life, and breathe a bit of fresh country air in Asia.