Hong Kong Photo Diary Day 1

Wednesday, March 11, 2015 0 No tags Permalink 2

Something good about boarding on a 12 hours flight (which was a quite uncomfortable one, as I kept being woken up by an infant, and thanks to my bladder that was about to explode and my travel companion sitting next to me, totally drunk), was the idea of being submerged by the far east Asian culture. And man, Was I gob-smacked when I made my way onto Hong Kong island and savoured the view of the city?! – everything here is so big (and I mean, tall) and different from what I’ve seen in Europe.



On the first day, I’ve arranged a short trip to see the Central district, something that needs to be experienced – walking through and passing by all these people, was insane. A short walk, and I found the signs of the Tram that take you to the Peak. (A must thing to do while in Hong Kong). Armed with maps, iPhone 5s, my beloved Canon 6D and a pocket guide of Hong Kong, I made my way to see one of the best views you can get while in the city.


What I love about traveling, is the chance to get to meet new people – Random people! On my way to the peak, I spoke to a couple from Japan (Tokyo), we compared the differences between our cities  and talked about what was worth seeing in HK. Then I got a tiny big lost in Pok Fulam country park, and spoke to two local girls, who were so kind to me! How crazy is that?!



Anyways, once I’ve reached the terrace in the Skybar, the view of the HK skyline made it all worth it to me: the extra long flight, the horrible jet lag and even, the 45 mins walk when I got lost and wore some real heavy (I’m talking about 2kg per shoe-kind-of-heavy) Doctor Martens shoes.


So, have you visited Hong Kong before? If so, what are your favourite places? And what’s your must-do thing? Stay tuned for the next days photo diaries, and enjoy the pics.



Ron x