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I’m really happy to announce that my first collaboration post is finally up and ready to be spread like butter to the world!
As I said few days ago, my wonderful friend Jacy is gonna show us around Singapore, talking about why you should visit, where you should go, and all that jazz!
Hope you enjoy the ride cos I surely did ;D

Photography: Jacy S. Li


oo1) Tell us a bit about yourself and what you enjoy to do during your free time?
          Hi everyone! I’m from Singapore,  and currently working as a office lady 😛 Hehe.. I’ve loads of stuffs which I do during my free time. For e.g. hanging out with friends, shopping!! Watch movies/dramas, listening to songs, watch football etc..  I love travelling
oo2) Why people should come visit Singapore?
          We are a clean and green country (yes, that’s what tourists say) 😛 We might just be a little red dot on the map, but we do have some cool stuff! I’ll touch on that in the next question.  No doubt, we have plenty of tourist attractions which are a must-go for any tourists. And of course, we have our very own Universal Studios! There are loads of delicious local delicacies (such as the famous chilli crab, pandan cake, etc.) which must be tried for anyone who comes to Singapore! I believe no one will regret upon trying! 😀 We also have our annual Great Singapore Sale which usually held between end of may to end of july. So if you want to visit Singapore, that would be the best time, but be prepared for the crowd! Singapore does not have 4 seasons, thus don’t worry about snow and all. Rainy season will usually be towards the end of the year. There are 2 casinos here, amazingly! And entry is free for foreigners!! Cool isn’t it? Unlike us, we have to pay S$100. So you can actually go in and explore even you ain’t a fan of gambling. I would love to explore it myself, but paying $100 is abit crazy tbh since I don’t gamble. Jeez.

oo3)      Name 3 to 5 top attractions that people cannot miss out in Singapore.
First of all, choosing 3 to 5 is pretty challenging because I believe there are really loads of things to check out in Singapore! Well, here are my top 5 in no order.
          Sentosa/Universal Studios – Sentosa is a well-known island resort in Singapore. Sentosa provides a wide variety of attractions such as the Dolphin Lagoon, Underwater world. etc. One attraction you shouldn’t miss is the Song of the Sea! The combination of laser, fireworks, fountain, music and dances is gonna be a breathtaking experience for anyone who visits! When I first heard that Singapore is gonna have its very own Universal Studios here, I was so over the moon. I mean who would have expected Singapore to have it when we are such a small country. I have been there twice, but still itching to go again and again because it is just so amazing, and fun-filled! It consists of 7 zones, thus you can really spend one whole day there (the waiting time for some rides are pretty crazy, but is worth it). It might not be as huge as the ones in USA or Japan, but I believe coming to Singapore means you need this in your itinerary! Plus, we are also first in the world to have the transformers ride, yeah! Don’t miss it! :)
          Zoo + Night Safari – They are located just beside each other only, so you can kill two birds with one stone in one day! As the word ‘Night’ in Night Safari defines that the animals there are awake at night, thus you can actually go to the zoo in the day, and proceed to Night Safari after dinner or something. There are various animal shows in zoo such as the ‘Animal Friends’ show, you will get to see dogs, cats, etc. performing tricks which is pretty cute and cool. It may seem more for kids, but even I enjoyed it!  I have not been to Night Safari for ages!! So I’m not sure how I’m gonna elaborate on this..  Haha.. All I know we are the first in the world to have this wild nightlife park, so I think is cooler to see nocturnal animals than those normal ones you see in the day everywhere in the world.
          Chinatown –  It is a Chinese heritage area which is pretty popular among tourists. You can find loads of Singapore souvenirs, and Chinese food delicacies at the shophouses. You will also find Asian antiques there. Chinatown is usually the liveliest during Chinese New Year period. Everyone will be shopping for Chinese New Year goodies, decorations, etc. There will also be a countdown event on the eve of Lunar New Year, and firecrackers will lit up!
          Marina Bay Sands – I would encourage you guys to go at night cos the skyline is beautiful! Well you can go in the day too to shop! The shops in MBS are much more high end such as Fendi, Gucci, LV, Hermes, Ralph Lauren, YSL, Burberry, etc etc. There are two LV shops by the way. One is indoor and the other is outdoor! Outdoor I mean it is on the water! Rad isn’t it? J Well, MBS is almost like another mall call ION, which is the orchard area, in terms of the kind of shops and I’ll touch on that next. Marina Bay Sands hotel is just next to the shopping mall. The hotel rates might be alittle pricey, but if there is a chance, don’t give it a miss! I have stayed in the presidential suite once because of my friend’s birthday party, and I can say it is one of the best hotels I have ever stayed in. No biased 😛 There is also an infinity pool right at the rooftop, so if you are staying at that hotel, don’t miss it! You can even watch the sunrise at the rooftop!
          Orchard road! I believe it’s Singaporean’s favourite hangout place as it is miles and miles of shopping malls! Shop till you really drop! I’ll mention afew that you guys will be interested. Firstly will be ION Orchard. It consists of many flagship stores such as Prada, LV, Dior, Topshop, Topman, etc.  The shops occupy about 8 storeys including restaurants. Other levels are residences. Right at the basement is like a food paradise as there is a wide variety of multi-culture of food such as Korean, Japanese, Chinese, western, etc  etc.
Next will be 313@Somerset. There is a 4 storeys flagship store, and is none other than Forever21! Ladies will love it! There are also shops such as Zara, HMV, New Look, etc. Just beside 313 stands the first H&M flagship store in Singapore which was opened in September 2011. For the first few days since its opening, everyone have to queue and wait to enter. No worries, now you don’t have to, but the crowd is pretty much still there. So maybe it will be better to go during week days.
Did you guys see the news? there it says it all haha 😛
oo4)      Where is the coolest place to shop and which shops will we find?
          I would say Bugis street!  To me, Bugis street is the place you can find the cheapest clothes in Singapore. However, the clothes are more for youngsters, or probably up till 20s. The ground floor is non-air con, so maybe the rent is cheaper than those in orchard, thus the cheaper clothes price.. Haha.. Just my guess.. And plus, is not branded, so yeah 😀 Opposite it is bugis junction which has retail shops such as Fox, Dorothy Perkins, Topshop/Topman, etc. At the basement, there is a wide variety of food to choose from! For example, pasta mania, soup spoon, yoshinoya, Billy Bombers, etc. Upon reaching bugis junction, what may catch your eyes will be the colourful fountain and it look gorgeous at night! At times, you will see adorable sight of kids playing in the fountain!
          Another shopping place which I will recommend will be Vivo City. It is Singapore’s largest shopping mall and is for all ages! If you are going there for the first time, or even the first few times, you will be confused, and actually ask yourself, ‘have I walk here yet?’ Yes, because it is so big and going round and round, you don’t really know where to go next, and you might just end up going back where you have actually shopped. Not to worry as I have experienced that myself. For the record, Vivo City is actually right in front of Sentosa! 
oo5) Say something you want to say to your audience in your language and translate as well.
大家好!很感谢你们观顾我朋友的博客.. 我也希望你们读了关于新加坡的报导后, 有机会就该来这里旅行.. J 你们不会后悔 的 J 如果你们还想知道更多关于新加坡, 随时都可以在这里发表评论 J 谢谢!
Hello everyone! Thanks a lot for visiting my friend’s blog. I hope that after you guys have read the entries about Singapore, if there is any chance, do visit Singapore! :)  You won’t regret! :) If you wish to know more about Singapore, feel free to leave a comment! Thank you!
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