Dubai Photo Diary

Dubai is a place where big skyscrapers go hand in hand with endless deserts, impressive 5 stars hotels and white sandy beaches, and believe me when I say there’s plenty to do for anybody who wishes to go visit this oasis in the middle east!


Being able to go to Dubai at the end of November, was something I truly enjoyed, as the weather was completely different from what we get here in Europe at the moment (It’s 30C and Sunny over there).

Whether you want to go to Dubai for a leisure holiday, or are traveling there for Business… you can always find something interesting to do. Ride a camel in the desert, spend a whole day at Jumeirah Beach with a glass of champagne in hand, go at the top of the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa, or feast on food from all over the world, you can decide what you want to do! And the possibilities are endless.


My vacation was over all quite relaxing, and I managed to spend a lot of time at the pool, or down to my favourite part of the city; Dubai Marina, the man-made canal area with a Yacht club, and plenty of restaurants that face the beach front. It certainly couldn’t get better than that.


Dubai is also a place where you can shop till you drop, but you can really enjoy the city without spending your whole budget on Caviar and Dior clothes. Taxis are cheap (beware, as they can be very unprepared when it comes to knowing all of the streets) and food is cheap too if you know where to go. While there, I enjoyed a true Arabian food experience with 5 starters including Hummus, falafels and aubergine pickles. Mixed grilled meats are also another must when it comes to Arab food.


If you have the time, you definitely have to enjoy a full day at the Palm, or Jumeirah beach, and a desert safari is also something that most people enjoy experiencing.


Whether you are a Dubai-lover person, or not…. it’s undeniable to say that its gigantic modern skyscrapers and activities, make it a great place to be during the winter. You can reach Dubai from London Heathrow in less than 8 hours (7 going there and 8 coming back) from T5, and you can find great deals on the British Airways website.


Here’s some of the pictures that I manage to take along the way, so enjoy guys!



Ron x


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