Do It Like a Scousers Part #3

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Here’s the final part of the “Do It Like a Scouser”, my own report about Liverpool! Hope you enjoyed the ride and will eventually want to visit this beautiful english city 😉

Also, just down below you can find 5 cool facts about Liverpool! till next time

1)  The city of Liverpool was created in 1207 when King John granted a Royal Charter which was written in Latin. Liverpool was once the “Second City of Empire”, eclipsing even London for commerce at times.

2) Liverpool holds the Guinness Book of Records title for being the Capital of Pop. More artists with a Liverpool origin have had a number one hit than from any other location. And of course, Liverpudlian legends The Beatles changed the face of popular music.
3) Liverpool has the largest collection of Grade II-listed buildings outside London. The city has 2,500 listed buildings and 250 public monuments.

4) – Liverpool’s three graces – the Liver, the Cunard and the Port of Liverpool buildings – are to be joined by a fourth. Designed by Will Alsop, the Cloud is a futuristic, three-tiered structure that will be home to offices, a hotel and community facilities.

5) – Scouse is a type of stew. It was eaten by Liverpudlians living in poverty before the 1900s. Ingredients include lamb or beef, cabbage, carrot, potatoes and onion.
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  • Jorien says:

    Would love to go to liverpool! Looks like it’s a great city, the pictures are lovely! Still, London is a bit higher on my list!
    Last year I went to Newcastle, I would recommend it too!

    Xx Jorien

    • never been to newcastle, is it good? heard it’s a lot of fun over there! and yes, London is my fave <3 I’ll go down south soon and will post about it as well <3


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    I am coming to the UK in April (I hope so lol) and u made me want visit Liverpool too :)