Arabian Nights (& Days)

Monday, March 19, 2012 6 Permalink 0

So today I was off and since it was a beautiful sunny day I took the chance to go out and get some stuff for the blog! And after a whole day of shopping with Tess, going around town from shop to shop, we decided to go and rest for a bit in this wondeful Moroccan restaurant called Kasbah Bazaar!

The service is really good and the atmosphere of it is amazing! I have to say that all about it got me excited, especially the hypnotyc arabian soundtrack in the background.


It was like we just landed in Marrakesh!! Interesting fact is that everything you see is for sale! you can ask to buy the cushions, the pipes or spices. Which makes the whole thing even more interesting! and no, no waiters or waitresses are for sale.


Unfortunately we didn’t go for a proper full on lunch but we settled on an Afternoon tea! Moroccan mint tea and a plate of rich sweet pastries (all for around £5.50). I do believe that the concept behind is bold and clear, from the minute you walk in, you feel like u have left England and entered the Arabian world! sooo CHARMING!

  • yiqin; says:

    looks nice <3

  • CeCe & NuNu says:

    love this place! ^^