Aegina Travel Photo Diary

Thursday, June 11, 2015 0 , , , , Permalink 2

My first trip for this summer was spent in Aegina, a wonderful and (usually) unheard Island 40 minutes away from Athens, packed with wonderful hills, splendid sandy beaches, and a quaint old town with a port and plenty of bars and tavernas to chill in the evening.

Aegina is also very close to Agistri, the Island I visited on a previous trip to Greece – and yes, the latter is even smaller (and packed with nature)


My days were mainly spent with my friends, and my partner: visiting the different beaches, trying out different Tavernas with their local food (Fish is very common, and you can find some wonderful mains and appetisers such as grilled squid or lobster ) and also, discovering the ancient Temple of Aphaea. The Temple is really worth visiting (it’s literally only 4€ to go in), as it’s in great condition and has an interesting museum that tells the story behind it.


On this trip, we’ve stayed at Villa “Fantasia”, a private house we booked on Airbnb, located near the fishing village of Perdika, it was the best way to enjoy the local life and we really had everything we needed. Well, now you can escape with us, and enjoy some of the photos I took while in Aegina, in this travel photo diary. Expect some more editorials we shot while there, coming real soon on the blog!!



Ron x