A Sea Odyssey in Liverpool

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Well It’s been a very interesting week-end in Liverpool, if you haven’t heard it on the news yet, in the past two days a great show has been put up by the world greatest street teather company and they brought us along their two giants.
Sea Odyssey is a magical tale of love, set exactly during the period of the Titanic.

As found on the official website Giant Spectacular

“The tale is about the story of this giant little girl who unfortunately happened to lose her father during the horrible accident of the Titanic in the Atlantic ocean. When the little girl found out about the terrible news, she went and asked for help to her uncle. While listening to her, the giant uncle decided to help out, he made himself a diving suit, then he went looking for the brother and buried him in the bottom of the ocean to give him peace. 
Most importantly, after 100 years roaming in the deep-sea, the giant Uncle is now back with the letter his dead brothed had written to his little daughter. So now it’s time for them to reconciliate and see what’s inside the royal mail box and see what the father last words were”

Director of Culture Liverpool, Claire McColgan, said: “One of the major successes of our European Capital of Culture year was filling the programme with moments of sheer magic, bringing together thousands of visitors and residents, sparking the imagination and getting people talking about art and culture.

“As a city, we put on exceptional free events and no matter what walk of life you’re from, you can experience something which transports you to another world – this is what great art achieves.

“There is still a massive appetite for these boundary-pushing events, and as events don’t come much bigger than the Sea Odyssey we know it will once again thrust Liverpool into the cultural spotlight.

“It won’t just engage the city, but will capture the imagination of the nation, and I’m sure, just as with The Sultan’s Elephant, people will talk about it for years to come.”

The show has taken place April 20 and will end today April 22 at around 2.00pm, with the two giants (the little girl and the uncle) meeting up and leaving together from River Mersey.
This event happens to be one of the most complex events in Liverpool. Fortunately this show managed to attract people from all over the UK as well as many tourists from around the world.

  • Wow amazing street performance, those ‘giants’ are really incredible and I can’t even begin to fathom the amount of work that goes into a production like that!

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