101 Guide of Venice

Sometimes I just seem to be losing sense of time – Looking back at my euro-trip, which happened almost a year ago, it almost scares me how easy it is to forget how quickly time goes by.

Anyways, I was scrolling through my holiday images and found lots and lots of unpublished shots of my recent trips, including the ones of my day-out in Venezia. It’s such a beautiful place, probably the best place on Earth to visit and have a Gelato while wandering from bridge to bridge.

So, I’ve decided to write a little easy 101 Guide, similar to the one I wrote recently of Hong Kong – and yes, while I’d like to keep the focus mainly on Fashion (menswear) I’m definitely trying to expand towards traveling and fuse the two subjects together.

Did I mention that traveling is my favourite thing to do? Explore and see different things and cultures just makes me feel like a little child again, it broadens my horizon.





Flight – How to get there:

When I visited Venice last year, my partner and I went on a massive road trip from the UK to Italy (something that needs to be experienced, I think). So I could recommend you to do an Orient-express kinda trip or rent a car and do every city in Europe, but if you want to get to Venice in the shortest amount of time, the quickest way is to fly to the Lagoon.

British Airways offers direct flights from London Gatwick! Or you can always fly to another major city, like Bologna and then hop on the fast Trenitalia Freccia Argento to Venezia Santa Lucia Station. Kill two birds with one stone and discover two beautiful Italian cities in one go.


Sightseeing / What to do in Venice:

Anyone who’s been to Venice will probably agree with me and say, just get lost. Finding random streets in Venice has got to be my favourite thing to do while there; there are so many tiny alleys, back streets that need to be discovered! And trust me, you won’t need a map, as you will find your way back to the main routes, somehow.


Piazza San Marco: That’s one of the most famous piazzas in Italy, it is basically the square where everyone goes for a little stroll, a gelato and a quick coffee. I could spend my whole day there, watching people go by – while there you can also go to the Piazzetta which is an adjoining open space, that goes onto the Venetian canal front. The Lion of Venice pillar, The Campanile (or Bell Tower) and the big Clock tower featuring blue and gold details of the Zodiac are few of the beautiful things you can see there.


Rialto Bridge: You can’t and won’t miss it, there are many signs in the labyrinth that is Venezia, that will take you to Rialto bridge! Its design and the fact that it was originally made of Timber (then replaced to the nowadays Stone bridge) are few of the things that make it so special! A selfie there is well required.


Cicchetti-time: It’s cicchetti TIME! What are they? You might ask…. well in Venetian terminology, cicchetti means side dishes. They are little snacks such as tiny sandwiches, olives and bruschettas. They are usually accompanied with Wine or other alcoholic drinks. Now, lets pretend it’s the 1st of June, chicchetti on a plate, and a glass of Vino in your hand while gazing at the sun setting in the romantic lagoon. Wouldn’t that just be paradise?


That Chuch feeling: Well, not necessarily in that religious way. Venice is one of those places where you should actually take your time and visit all the churches in the area. The architecture, and how they are made, is just fantastic. If you happen to be in Venezia during the summer months, it could also be the perfect way to cool down a little. Santa Maria della Salute is a MUST!


Get on a Gondola: This is not exactly a conventional method of Transportation, rather a cool way to chill while in Venezia! A boat ride for two can be quite expensive (but if you don’t mind, you can always share with other people!) This is the most interesting way to get around, and it’s something that you can brag about when you get back home.


Accommodation – Where to stay:

When you go to Venice, you want to make sure your stay is comfortable and luxurious – The good thing about the city, is that it’s small enough to be visited in just a couple of days. So you won’t really need to be there for more than 3 days… Meaning? Splash your cash in a 4 or 5 star hotel! for example,


The Gritti palace is one of the most requested, best located 5-star hotel in Venezia. Looking towards Santa Maria della Salute, and keeping the 15th century features, it’s no wonder Americans and British find this their first choice when it comes to living like a true Venetian!


The Bauers hotel is also another great choice to stay while in the city, the hotel is well located, right in the heart of Venice, and it includes a Spa and big airy rooms. or go for Aman Canal Grande Hotel for something more private, the hotel only has 24 rooms and it’s known as the place where George Clooney spent his wedding nights (expensive, expensive..).


Transport – How to get around:

I’d say , by foot! I love walking, and Venice is just the best place on earth to lose yourself. If you need to get somewhere quick, Water taxis are a great way to reach your destination in style in a quite short amount of time.

Or you can get a Water bus too called “Vaporetto”. It departs from different parts of the city and takes you to Murano, The train station and other major parts of Venezia.


Food – Where/What to Eat:

There are way too many places to eat in Venice, like any other Italian cities, it’s full of Italian restaurants and really good places to sit down, relax and have a bowl of fresh Pasta.

While there, you can’t miss out all the different style of Seafood dishes such as Spaghetti allo Scoglio, Risotto with calamari and Octopus salad! Also, don’t forget about Cicchettis (I talked about them before) …No time for Diet when in Venezia!