VIVI IN STILE Dine Out Experience at San Carlo

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If dining out is one of your favourite things to do, then you should read the story I’m going to tell you now.
Are you the kind of person that loves being adventurous when it comes to eat at restaurants? Well then you should definitely consider on downloading the free app “Vivi in stile” by Peroni Nastro Azzurro. It has everything you need to know when it comes to eating out, shopping till you drop, drinking in cool places and such in your city!

As a result I’ve been asked to try out and see the potentials of the “Vivi in Stile” app. As soon as I got it on my iphone, I started checking out the different restaurants in Liverpool, as I start scrolling I stumbled upon San Carlo …which is one of the best Italian Restaurants around town. It’s needless to say that I decided to give San Carlo a go as I’ve never been before and only heard of it, and boy… I do not regret it ONE BIT!

From the first moment you step inside, you get surrounded by this cool vibe, somehow you don’t feel like being in an overly posh restaurants. It’s not overly pretentious and you don’t get the people working there looking at you like you don’t belong there. It was very jazzy to me, a cool 60’s Jazz restaurant refined by the Italian taste and prestige.

Once I sat on the table, an Italian waiter took my order … A cheeky bottle of Chianti, of course, was a must to start off the Banquet. Fresh Olives were offered instead of the usual boring breadsticks and a candle was lit up for me and my frienda to get us both in the mood.
Got to the order and while looking at the menu, which was simply exquisite and very refined, I ended up going for the Deep fried seafood platter and the Spaghetti with Clams and Prawns. The Result? Never in my life I had such tasty food. It was like heaven every time I bit onto the crispy deepfried Scallop. Simply outstanding!

I ended up an hour and a half later, absolutely delighted and full, closing the whole feast with a Vanilla and Pistacchio Gelato… I probably must have been greedy that night, but that’s what good meals are for, right?

NOW, Vivi in Stile isn’t just about finding good restaurants, no sir. You can have fun creating and adding on your own collection, your favourite clothes and accessories. Stile, which means Style… is all about being creative, loving the latest trends and getting inspired. You can find and read many articles about the latest Fashion, Food and Drinks! For example, if you are interested in the Italian culture, you can find out many wonderful infos about the Wonders of Apertivo, which is one of the Italian ways to RELAX with friends after a stressful day at work!

Esplorare is the section that I like the most – you can see the screenshots above -, I’ve used that part to find San Carlo and you can use that to check the coolest places in the main cities in the UK! Did you know that you can change your city anytime you want? discover the cherry on top of Liverpool, London, Glasgow, Birmingham, Manchester and Bristol.

If you feel like you’re not convinced yet, the Esclusivo section gives you the chance to get some really exclusive offers. Peroni Nastro Azzurro definitely knows how to treat you guys, Pretty cool huh?

I really think you should give this app a go, you can download VIVI IN STILE for free, for the Iphone users click here and Android click here. When you do have it installed on your smartphone, I’d like you to leave your feedback and just write where you would like to go and if you do go, just let me know about your own experience!!!
Just to remind you guys, the app only reviews places in the UK.

  • amo says:

    nice pics
    thanks for sharing them

    great your xmas design

  • wow…wonderful suggestion!
    it seems to be a very useful app!. the restaurant is great and I believe that you were very satisfied.
    you look stunning, as always!
    a big kiss, my dear!

  • Nice pictures, must be a Peroni fan! :) That calamari dish looks great!