Top Summer Destinations of the World

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You got to love August, it’s the perfect month for going away from the cities and relax in some paradisiac beach in the middle of the pacific. But which are the top summer destinations of 2012?


Well according to many, Ibiza is definetely one of the most visited locations by europeans… from Brits who love partying, to French and Italians who might prefer a chilled Holiday. Because guys, It’s not just about the party and the great hot spot clubs, not at all!


It’s also about the clear skys and seas and the peace and tranquility of a summer vacation. If you keep scrolling down, you can see the top 4 summer retreats in the world. Bali has got to be one of the most interesting places in the planet. If you feel you need a break from the world and want to have a chance to find your inner self through nature and spiritualism, then get yourself down there, it’s one of those once in a life time journey.


The Bahamas and the amazing Musha Cay, Sardinia and the rich & fame Costa Smeralda and the wild and romantic Turkey are also very special places, especially if you enjoy chilling by the ocean with your Metropolitan in hand, maybe reading your favourite book – ladies, apparently 50 shades of grey has been the book of this summer – or sport magazine while waiting for the next wild night to come… That is definetely what “la bella vita” is all about, isn’t it?

  • Vince E. says:

    awesome post, thx for the tips

  • Tiffany says:

    I want to go to all these beautiful! Bali has always been near the top of my list

  • Mira says:

    I would love to visit all these places. I need a good vaction badly 😀


  • Wow, beautiful places! Would love to visit any of them!

  • Tom says:

    THAT’s summer-ish pictures! ;D
    Thank you for your visit on my blog and a nice comment! Your blog looks cool and so pro!