Tips on How To Pack Smart

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Packing can be such hard work for most people. Many don’t know where to start, some might have an idea, and others are absolutely clueless and end up just throwing everything in the suitcase without a specific order; Just like that… A dolce shirt there, your Armani jeans on top and the favourite pair of Mr Hare shoes right mixed up in the opposite corners of the luggage.

But just like the universe, which started somehow with a specific order, even packing should be done on its own specific way, and the more you think of it as “Tetris” in a real life situation, the more things you can take with you; and guess what, the luggage might even end up being lighter than you thought it would!


If you read my latest post * about the art of traveling light, you should have learnt some of the main guide lines of this refined art; to give you a quick examplel, traveling light means: the lighter you are, the more comfortable the trip will be -or can be-… And that’s not just about the actual weight sir, no it’s not! You can save time, money and a hell-of-a lot of hassle this way.

This time we are going to get a little bit more specific and go slightly into details and have a lesson about how to pack in a smart way.

*The Art Of Traveling Light Blogpost


1) EVERYTHING HAS AN ORDER: everything should have an order, the heavy stuff should always go inside the luggage first, And that’s because you don’t want your light things all squashed and creased. So heavy clothes should go first, then light clothes and then toiletries on top, just because you might have to remove those very quickly at the Airport.

Put everything under categories, for example your trousers with trousers and denim and shorts. The t-shirts all together with shirts and sweaters and so on. Have you ever tried to untangled a bowl of spaghetti? well probably you haven’t and you certainly don’t want to start practicing now with all your lovely clothes…


2) FOLD AND ROLL: A smart way to pack your clothes is to fold and roll them. That’s perfect for saving space and avoid wrinkly shirts. When you’re on holiday you really can’t be thinking about ironing every single piece of garment in your luggage, so save yourself an hassle and start rolling – …down the street with a bottle of gin and juice -!

I made few images about “how to fold and roll clothes”, just so it can be easy to follow up.


1) Make sure the shirt is fully buttoned up

2) Lay the shirt face-down on the folding surface

3) Fold one third of the body towards the center of the garnment, neat the sleeve and create an angle that starts near the shoulder . Then again fold the sleeve up from the middle center with the wrist folding towards the shoulder.

4) Fold the same way on the other side of the shirt.

5) Fold up the bottom of the shirt, only fold about a third of the lenght.

6) Start rolling up the shirt from the bottom

7) Keep doing it until it’s completely rolled up

8) There you go, now you have a rolled up, crease-free shirt! You can apply the same concept with t-shirts, sweaters etc.


1) Place your jeans face-down on the folding surface.

2) Fold them in half, it doesn’t matter if you prefer the right or left way

3) Fold the half bottom part and then start on rolling, just the same way you did with the shirt until you get a small rolled up pair of jeans

4) This tutorial can be used for jeans, trousers, chinos and shorts.


3) YOU ARE *NOT* PLAYING TETRIS: Use every single space in the luggage you can. Now that everything is folded and rolled up, you can get your clothes to fit in better. Be smart and pretend you’re playing tetris – everyone loves tetris, right? -… you need to figure out how to fit everything in a limited space.

Every little holes, every little space need to be used, so think smart. Use the side pockets for socks and underwear. If you have it, put your shoes in a little carry-bag. Have fun with it, don’t think of it as a chore and you might actually be able to pack quickly and efficiently! If you own a suit, definetely buy a suit-carry bag – it is usually free if you get a fancy one from Burberry for example – and use it on top to protect the rest of your clothes.


4) DO YOUR HOMEWORK AND STUDY HARD: The best way to end up traveling light is to study really hard the best way of packing!

Learn a method and keep on using it. Don’t change it all the times as it’s just going t. end up bad with an uncloseable luggage and a lot of stress. Perhaps that might take time to master, but it will save you so even more time in the long run.

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