Tips for Traveling In Style

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So Flying has now become quite a common event for everyone, rushing to the airport for the check-in and the little heart-skip you get when the plane takes off, you probably all know what I’m talking about!

With so many people going in and out of the airport for their flights to catch, It has become quite normal to see a lot of horror-movies walking, in just a plain t-shirt and denim.. being a bit laid back is okay, but that’s way too much.
I’m not saying that you should look like a million dollar everytime you have to fly to Miami, because I assure you that people will hate your ass if you even try to wear too many things like rings, bracelets, gadgets of all kind. In all honesty, People don’t want to wait 10 years for you to undress completely when you have to go through security. So you should go light but still you can do all of this with a certain style. You can definetely look chic on air.
Not only that, Nowadays It’s not only about what you wear that can make your travel feel tremendously glam, the different gadgets and access to particular facilities will definetely make your journey worth your while.

If You’ve missed some of my previous posts, you might find something interesting about things you can buy to travel in style (lifestyle-traveling-in-style) and cool trivia about one of the busies airports in the entire globe… Changi singapore airport (Extra Changi Airport Facts)

SUBSCRIBE TO A FLYING CLUB MEMBERSHIP: If you still didn’t join, I’d definetely say do it now. Flying club membership are very useful if you tend to fly away, and the more you fly the more rewards you get from it. It’s generally free and you can just apply online. I have my KLM+AIRFRANCE flying blue membership (Flying Blue) and so far it’s only been useful to me. I’ve been upgraded to business class during flights and had exclusives offers! What a good way to travel in style with a cheeky seat upgrade.

INVEST ON A GOOD HANDBAG: Do you want to make everyone jealous and show how stylish you are? well Invest on a good handbag that will last you forever! Go for a good piece of luggage that you can carry on board, I myself invested money on an awesome Louis Vuitton Keepall and am very happy with it! I’m pretty damn sure that it will do the job for the next twenty years or so.

RELAX AT THE AIR PORT LOUNGE: Right, you’ve just arrived in Dubai, you might think it’s over but It’s actually not. This is only a little transition before you reach Thailand. You have about 4 hours wait before you can actually bord on your second plane destination “The Beach” and relax just like Leo Di Caprio. So what can you do in the meanwhile? You can look around for souvenirs, for sure…or, you can relax at the Airport VIP lounge! Now you can subscribe to Airport Angel and pay a fee online, or if you have a Barclays Premier Account you can just access one of those lounges around the world for free! I do have a Airport Lounge Card and believe me it’s so worth having one. Remember you can have access to first class facilities as well as news and drinks. isn’t that RAAD!!!

BE SMART! CHECK-IN ONLINE: If you have an Iphone or any of those smartphones, you should definetely download one of those flying companies apps. You can manage your flights a finger-away, check-in online (It will save you so much time), check the time tables and even book more flights directly on your phone! And if you’re rich enough and have time to waste how about shaking your phone and see where it takes you. You never know, you might end up getting into the adventure of a lifetime.

DRESS TO IMPRESS: Don’t be afraid to show off a bit, “It’s always good to look good! No matter where you go”… That’s my motto. Wear a cool leather jacket, with your nice v-neck top and jeans. Don’t forget to accessorize a bit. Sunglasses, gloves and scarfs will add that magic touch of mistery mixed with coolness. They might even end up mistaking you for a famous holliwood star! Have a look and study few of the holliwood actors’s looks, and reinterpret it yourself. Ryan Gosling is actually one of the coolest guy when it comes to dressing. Well done Mr Ryan!

MAKE THE GATE YOUR DANCE FLOOR: I know people usually run to get to their gates, I’ve done that myself a few times, especially with connection. But you should make the whole journey a fun one, so how about make it your dance floor? Invest in a good pair of headphones (Monster Beat yeah boy!!) and make a good playlist on your iPod/IPhone that you can listen to while you wait to get through security,while you strut your stuff on the moving walkways or on air while you sip on your Rum&Coke at 500 miles per hour. Dance, Sing and Picture yourself as the next big thing and don’t forget that you’re going to have your ass pampered in few hours!
That is exactly the feeling of excitement that nobody can take away from you! 😉

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