The Perks of Flying High

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There are so many advantages of flying “high”, People might be thrilled to know that, not only it looks classy and cool to fly with certain airlines, it can also make your journey so much less stressful.

British Airways, Lufthansa and KLM are some of the names out there that provide a great service whenever you want to leave the country.

In this post I’ll tell you everything you need to be convinced that flying high is great! From my own experience and others, we’ll explore the different perks of booking your next ticket with these infamous airline companies!

1) JOIN THE COMMUNITY:  Most airlines have a membership program that will exclusively rewards you as long as you keep booking tickets from them. Just a strategy-campaign you say? Well it might be, but you gain a lot from subscribing and collecting points. For example, you can collect BA points whenever you fly with British Airways but also, if you happen to have an exclusive BA American Express, then you can boost up your points and get a free flight to your favourite destination in a shorter amount of time. Isn’t that just great?
KLM & Air France do the same with their Flying Blue plan.


2) WE ALL LOVE TECHNOLOGY:  Did you know that you can find the apps for your smart phone of most flying companies? That means that you can check your membership points, book tickets and even check in online. That’s a great deal because it can save you so much time at the airport (Forget the two-hours before-the-flight rule!) , especially if you plan to take your luggage on board (Refer back to the art of traveling light) ! Say Whaaaaaaat!


3) WHAT? DID YOU JUST SAY FREE DRINKS?!? – Aren’t you just tired of paying for your drinks and meals on board (Yes, there’s a company that charges even for peanuts, but we’re not here to discuss that!), well you don’t have to worry no more because you get free drinks and free meals whenever you fly with a main airline company! A glass of vino and a chicken salad? well indulge yourself since it’s free. Virgin, for example, is such a great company when it comes to that.

 4) NO HIDDEN AGENDAS ON BOARD, SIR! – Yes that’s right, there are usually no hidden charges. I’ve heard so many people complaining to me in person, on facebook and twitter about how they got tricked into paying stupid fees they knew nothing about. Honestly, who wants to pay for the piece of luggage that needs to be checked in? Or what about paying a fee for checking-in online? Or for a glass of water! Isn’t that ridiculous?!? I’ve actually came across a KLM assistant who did the bags-check ins and I asked if it was alright for me to bring a slightly bigger bag on board…you want to know what her response was? “Of course you can, we’re no Ryan-air” ….That said it all
If your luggage happens to be a lot heavier than the standard free 20-25kg then any airline will charge you for that, A LOT OF MONEY! but hey, that’s your own fault.


5) I JUST WON A SEAT IN HEAVEN: It has happened to me and it can happen to you too!! My first flight was delayed by an hour, long story short, that made me lose my connecting flight… so the company decided to reward me with a seat in first class. You cannot even imagine how glorious I felt when they asked me to move my ass to where the cool peeps are. The best walk of glory ever, with my Burberry shopping bags in hand! Nonetheless I received an amazing free meal and the best attention ever. Spacious room-seats and free mags made me completely forget the bad experience I had a few hours before.

Jokes apart, flying with one of the major companies out there will give you a better chance to be able to win a seat in business class..for free! Or go back to point 1 and you can even get discounts on flights in business by collecting enough points… and that makes it TOTALLY WORTH IT!


6) IT’S NOT MADE OF TIN-FOIL: Most boeing 747 of the best airlines out there, for example, are actually made solidly, they look and are really solid aircrafts. They are nothing like those dangerous and cheap airbuses. That can be such a great piece of mind for most people who are dead-scared of flying. But that’s not all Ladies and Gents, the interiors are at their best and the seats are more spacious even in economy; On Virgin Atlantic airplanes, for example, you get tvs on each seat with lots and lots of movies to distract you while you’re flying away. Pretty Cool huh?

So, After making few points…Did I manage to convince you that actually spending a little bit more money beforehand can actually save you a lot of nuisance and hidden charges in the long run? well Afterall, you get what you pay for, isn’t that what they say?

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