The Art Of Traveling Light

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The art of traveling light (PART 1, yes there’s part 2 coming soon), that’s the topic of the day guys! Some of you might wonder, what is this all about? Well If you read some my old articles (*/**), we talked about how to travel in style and I gave you some very good tips about how to save you the hassles when traveling.


One of them was: DON’T CHECK IN YOUR LUGGAGES. Why, you might wonder… well because it can save you time and a heart break. How many of you had the problem of a delayed-luggage..or even worse a lost luggage close to..a never to be found? Exactly!!!!!!! that’s just too much stress you might want to avoid if you’re only traveling for a good long week-end, isn’t it?


Well, we all wished we could take our whole wardrobe with us, but we know that it’s nearly-impossible and so inconvinient. So this time I’m going to give you a few tips on how to travel light and how to pack properly!

You might want to bear in mind a few general rules first. If you take a pen and paper, write down how many days you’re going to be away for, and how many outfits you might need. Write down on each day, a whole outfit. Remember now, If you are away for 4 days for example, you don’t need to take 4 pairs of denim. A pair of denim and a pair of pants/trousers should do the trick and you can split them between the 4 days. I recommend as well to get about 3 t-shirts and 2 shirts (you’ll really never need more than that). The rest should be kept as one except for underwear and socks which should be as many as the numbers of days you’re going away for (Unless of course you are the kind of man that turns the boxers inside out, so divide by half on that case lol).

Now that you know how many pieces of clothing you’re going to pack, I’ll give you five tips on how to travel light.

1) CHOOSE THE RIGHT BAG: That’s the rule numero uno! you need to think carefully on the bag you’re going to purchase. Invest on a bag that is the right size for you. If you know that you’re leaving for a week then the bag should be bigger than the one if you’re going away for the weekend. You want to bear in mind that you might want to get a light-weight bag, choose the right material and consider to get the one with a strap shoulder to ease the weight during traveling. Wheels or no wheels? Even though it does come easier because you just need to pull, remember that it takes much more space because of the wheels. (Ask yourself, is there going to be a lot of walk? Or will I get to be picked up by a limo as soon as I hit Cancun‘s airport?)


2) KNOW YOUR STUFF: Find out everything you need to know about your destinatination. Especially look at the forecast and then decide what needs shedding. Do you really need a coat to go to Hawaii? Well probably not. So burn that heavy weight (not literally lol) and smile that you’re not going to be cold in the next few days, and that’s thanks to the weather, not the jacket! If you’re going to a holiday destination then the bag will automatically be full of relatively light-weight clothes!


3) “SHOOES” your SHOES!: Right you don’t have to be worse than a girl and bring your whole Nike sneakers with you just so you can compete with your girlfriend’s loubutins collection. Be smarter and just take enough shoes to mix and match but most importantly to walk comfortably as well. Three is the magic number. A casual pair, a smart one for particular events and a pair of trainers should do (don’t forget the sandals for the beach though). And remember choose carefully and go only for the pair you think will match most of your outfits.


4) PACK LIKE MARY POPPINS: One thing you should have learnt from the movie, (apart from the tip that “with a spoonful of sugar the medicine goes down”) is that you need to fit things in a bag and be able to carry as many things as possible..just like Mary did! Well, In our case there’s no magic trick, and it’s all about being smart and know how to fold properly your things. Did you know that rolling your shirts and t-shirts will actually save you lots of space and wrinkles? YUP! and guess what, you can do that with your jeans too! Rolling is the way my friend!


5) TOILETRIES AND ALL SORTS: Think ahead, where are you going to stay? If it’s a luxury hotel then you should know by now that most of the toiletries will be given to you for free and they will be found ready for you to use in the bathroom of your hotel suite! If so, then avoid to take with you all that jazz, ditch anything that you know will be offered by the hotel, such as towels and sponges. Why take your toothpaste if you can get it when you’re at the destination?!? Just bring only the things you really need and can’t find anywhere else but at your home. Remember, the lighter you are, the better, right?!?

  • Jessica says:

    I am horrible at packing light, this is good advice and I always tell myself these things but I never actually follow it!


  • Tiffany says:

    great tips! & I agree with not checking in your luggage (where possible)..I’ve been a victim of lost/delayed luggage when I visited London last month :(

  • There’s only a problem…the Ryanair weight limit for the hand baggage! πŸ˜‰ I take always 2 shoes: 1 for day, 1 for the events usually in black or brown so I can match both with blue and white. But absolutely no sporty shoes only loafers or slippers. πŸ˜‰ Good tips.
    Alessandro –

    • Mmm I didn’t think about that! I honestly never travel with Ryan air or easy jet and with ordinary flight companies you can take 2 hand luggages. One can be relatively big and the other one a handbag/laptop/etc

    • But I’ll edit that and write a note saying to be careful and read if ur flying with those companies! :)

  • Mauro E. says:

    Useful post since it’s almost vacation time…..
    As other people said in comments the problem is weight limit… it’s always a problem!


  • Jonna says:

    i will definitely study this!! :) and tell them to my parents!

  • Julia Lis says:

    Amazing post!!
    love your blog!
    Julia Lis

  • Amanda Avero says:

    Muchas gracias por tu comentario en mi blog. Me gusta ver blogs de chicos porque no existen en tanta cantidad como los de chicas. Además ellos también se cuidan.

    Un besito.

  • Karola says:

    This is such a great post! I’m terrible at packing and I guess these tips, slightly adjusted, will do me good! :)
    Thanks for sharing!
    Love your blog and your style of writing – newest follower here! :)

    Thank you for your comment on my blog! Hope you stop by sometime soon! :)

    • aww thanks! this is such a good comment and feedback! glad u like my style of writing, it means a lot to me!

      and I know what u mean, next week I’ll post a post about how to fold things πŸ˜‰
      I definetely will