The 5 Best Places I’d Love to Live

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Feeling bored and utterly tired of waking up in the same city over and over?
I feel a bit of a bohemian when it comes to this, and I never think to settle in a single place for the rest of my life. I’ve had the experience to actually move from country to country and maybe It’s in my DNA as my Mom did the same as me.
But If you had to decide a place where you’d kill to live, which one would it be? I get the question a lot and so I decided to dedicate a post about it.



What’s going for it? I’ve always been fascinated by the wild Canada, and had the priviledge to visit it briefly. But What’s it about Montreal that really appeals me?
I’d say the fusion between English and French culture really does it for me! As well as the versatility between the green side and the modern (big buildings and all that). Another reason could be the location of the city, next to many other gorgeous Canadian cities so you can enjoy great weekend getaways to Ottawa, Toronto or Quebec city!!

Cons Winters can be very cold and long and I know I said about the fusion between the English culture with the French can be interesting, well for some people it can be a problem since most employers will require you to be bilingual. But I’m sure that most people can get through that, and use it as an excuse to learn how to speak another language!!

Properties That goes as a pro to the city, as Living in Montreal is not too expensive. You can find good condos and houses for a good price. The community is florishing and lots of properties are constantly being built. So it’s what I like to call, a GROWING CITY!
Rent is generally around $700 a month and up. But I’d say that that’s a good deal considering.


What’s going for it? Well, What can I say? Manhattan is like my second home really, It’s where my roots are and everything about NYC is awesome. Whatever you are looking for, you can find it there. Big skyscrapers, lots of people from all over the world, basically the most fashionable city in US. Imagine yourself waking up in the heart of New York, then running around with your Vanilla latte to-go in hand while you go for an early shopping spree. Mall after mall, and shop after shop. It just sounds like the perfect city for anyone who wants to make it BIG!

Cons Very chaotic city, traffic jam in almost every street but most of all, CRAZY EXPENSIVE city!

Properties well as I was saying before, the only con that you have by living in NYC is that the prices are very high. Ranging from $500K+ and up depending on the zone and the size of it. Some of the most beautiful areas are The Upper East Side, Soho, and The West Side.


What’s going for it? Laaaaaaaaaaaaandan!! I hope you managed to read my two posts about London before, but I have to say that London grew on me and caught my heart! It’s such a beautiful city and the arts and the culture just make it so. I have to agree with Samuel Johnson when he said “when a man is tired of London, he is tired of life” Like NYC, London has everything you might want or need and more. As well as an awesome London Fashion Week and National Museum 😉

Cons Just like Manhattan, The properties are crazy expensive, It can be quite chaotic as well, Weather is not that awesome as It tends to have a very humid summer and a rainy winter. But I’d definitely put up with it. Just because It’s London.

Properties Living in London can be very expensive, both if you want to live in the outskirt of London as transportation can be quite pricey (especially if you need to travel everyday for work) or in the heart of the city. Rent goes for £800-900 a month for a one bedroom apartment, but if you really want to buy a house, a good house then you need to get ready to spend £800K and up for it.


What’s going for it? It’s visually a beautiful city, full of history! Mozart, Johann Strauss II, Haydn and Schubert are few of the names of people that were born in Vienna. I’m a big fan of classic music so It’s just  inspirational to me. It might not be a big city, but It’s really like a rare pearl of the ocean

Cons Apparently long grey winters and find housing can be expensive and very challenging!!

Properties Rental can be quite expensive in the city center as 1000-square foot apartment can cost up to 1500 euros per month. But it can go even higher if you want to live in the prestigious 18th and 19th districts.


What’s going for it? I am known for loving a bit of relax every now and again, and Maui seems the best place if you love the beach, the sun, natural landscapes and SURFING! Hawaii is so laid back, everything about it just screams for you to have a nice time and take it easy. Gorgeous waterfalls, lush jungles and bars will win your heart

Cons You might think there’s none, but actually, living in a Island can be quite challenging for some people. It’s gonna be you and the nature… a long long way from everywhere and everyone else. Castaway much?

Properties Living in Hawaii is not overly expensive, Houses range about £180000 to £400000 for a detached 3-bedroom house. If you’re looking for something with a big garden and lots and lots of luxury then get ready to take out 700000K or more for it. TOTALLY Worth it!!!

  • valeelola says:

    I would love to live in NYC!

  • what a fantastic post!!!
    you chose wonderful places.
    a big kiss my dear!

  • Tiffany says:

    great post! I’d really love to live in Paris someday..then live briefly in a few other cities in Europe before retiring in Switzerland 😀

  • Clara Turbay says:

    full of style love this blog.

  • MissJay says:

    I’d love to live in Vienna, I visited last year and I loved the whole time I spent there. Great post by the way :)

  • Martha says:

    great post especially as you also look at the prices for having an apartment.