How To Look Cool At The Beach

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Going down to the beach has become a real social event, people make real effort whenever the word beach along with vacation come to conversation. Have you ever noticed how many guys nowadays talk about shaping up three months before their trip to Bora Bora? or mad shopping sprees the week before leaving.

The beach can be re-defined as the “runway of the mortals“, where Men and women can show off their bodies, their clothes and their swagger! I definetely could not miss to talk about this topic and come up with a guide on how to look cool at the beach.

1- THE BEACH BOYS: Everyone knows that it’s just unacceptable to wear socks and sandals, especially at the beach. Put in the mix a fisherman hat while you show how pale you are and then you will be doomed for the rest of your life, cringing everytime you think back on the little amount of effort you put before going to the beach. If you know that you are going to go to the beach, then plan on what you want to wear.
Throw the sandals away and invest on a good pair of havaians (Missoni is actually doing an awesome collaboration with Havaianas at the moment!) and on a great pair of swim shorts. Think about your body size and try to choose what fits you best; Color blocks such as bold red, navy or even white look great on everyone, patterns and flowers might look better on a more flamboyant figure. Don’t be afraid to show your legs, so say no to the long type of swim shorts!
If you aren’t as defined as David Beckham and are not totally comfortable with your body, it’s okay to wear a top! Buy a nice t-shirt. White is the perfect summer color, it will show off the perfect skin complexion, wether it’s natural or just tanned… Don’t forget to bring with you a pair of sunglasses and a cool beach towel!
2- TRIM IT, DON’T SHAVE IT: Right, I believe there’s nothing better than the natural hair showing in the right places. So guys, don’t shave it all off! Most girls or boys will appreciate the sight of a natural looking body. It’s okay to have a bit of hair on your chest, pits and legs. If you’re unfortunate to resemble a chewbacca that just happened to skip a week of grooming then I suggest you to trim the excess of hair. As I said, trim it, don’t shave it!! (P.N if you have a hairy back then I suggest on waxing!)
3- HAIR!:  Hair is usually really important, no matter where you go you can always get a lot of attention for your hair. You see some of the hottest guys having the best hairstyle and you know that if you as well have the best hairstyle you’ll most likely get noticed.
Don’t be afraid of the water, you might have styled your hair for hours and keep with that mentality. Prepare yourself to bring few products with you; such as a good shampoo/conditioner and salt-hair spray that will keep your hair all curly and just fresh-off-the-beach.
4- TWINKLE TWINKLE: Some people just can’t help themselves when it comes to sparkles. Jewels should not be allowed at the beach; you just don’t want to end up looking like one of those freaky vampires from Twilight, all sparkling in the sun, do you? Also, Let’s just admit that It’s safer (and sensible) to leave the diamonds at home, don’t tell me I didn’t tell you so when you go cry around that you just got robbed.
5- BE NATURAL, BE YOURSELF: When you go down to the beach, don’t forget to bring yourself! Some people tend to forget that and they end up looking like proper tits. If you fake who you are, it will show. You don’t have to force yourself to look like the jock of the situation if you aren’t.
There’s nothing more unattractive than a guy who just tries too hard to impress everybody (by running around like a damn fool to show his body). If you’re more the intellectual type, you can always make a good impression by bringing your favourite book, or your guitar if you’re the artist! For the real jocks, well you know you’re sexy anyways, you don’t need telling ;)!
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