Which Underwear are You Into?

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So…. we discussed before about Perfumes and Hair Products, I think It’s finally time to discuss about something as important as the way you smell and the way you treat your hair!
What kind of underwear do you buy? are you fussed about what you wear underneath? and do you think you or your partner should wear a certain type of undewear?
So here’s a little selection of the various types of underwear you can find!! I’m throwing out there a bit of ideas for any man, or woman (in case you want to buy them for your man!) that is left a bit clueless!

I’m a massive fan of Men underwear and I’ve got loads and do a lot of research on them. I’m quite of a freak when it comes to boxers and whether you want to appear great or impress your one on a hot night in, you should always choose carefully which type you should go for.
There’s nothing worse than leaving the house with some horrible cheap underwear and nevermind, going on a date with a pair of “whitey-tighties” that even your grandad would refuse to wear! According to the general public it seems that Boxer-briefs are worn more by younger people (18-30+), while briefs and trunks seem to be worn by the older ones (40+). Obviously it’s not always the rule as I’ve seen many young guys out there wearing woven boxers and/or briefs. It’s just whatever floats your boat really.

Personally, I always tend to go for boxer-briefs as they are the perfect size, not too long nor too short! they cover enough and they leave enough for the imagination. They are definetely the most common ones between men.
They fit quite well with athletic bodies and give that little sexy touch! nothing better than a ripped guy wearing some nice pair of underwear me thinks 😉 (Boxers are what I buy for my men as well haha)
The most famous brands are obviously Calvin Klein, Armani (love Armani undies ;)), D&G, Polo Ralph Lauren, Diesel, etc..

As for the briefs….well I haven’t worn briefs since I was 16, I kind of ditched them! they are VERY comfortable, maybe overly comfortable. I do like them and I would get a pair if they are really cool (eg those D&G briefs look amaze). If I had to decide for my man, then I would definetely ditch the briefs for good. Kind of yes for me when it comes to feeling comfortable, definetely No for my “one”! haaa

And last but not least…Woven boxers! I don’t really know much about them as I’ve never owned a pair. they seem quite uncomfortable, and too baggy for my taste. Not a fan as well of the material, I don’t know, there’s just something about them that doesn’t appeal me whatsoever!

Other than just the shape of the boxers, I think people should also be careful on the colors and patterns on them. I find plain boxers the best ones. Neutral colors such as black/white/navy/grey never fail and tend to be the whatsocalled sexy underwear for men. Out there though you can find any types, and colors! from neutral white to shocking pink/yellow. with cartoons on them or with just little details such as hunting dogs (Polo ralph lauren).

No matter what you like, or what you decide to buy, always remember that your boxers are important as well! They might not reflect your true self, but they definetely tell a lot!
Also Never eveeeeeer compromise on your undewear…….if they come from past girlfriends/boyfriends or they have some sort of stains that cannot be removed (and/or are ripped), then you know it’s time to take out the credit card and go shopping for new ones lol!

  • christian says:

    I’m really in to the calvin klein’s


  • Karola says:

    I like your blog
    about men’s underwear – I can’t say much. I don’t wear men’s underwear 😉 just a joke
    following you dear
    thanks for your comment on my blog


  • I’ve always been a briefs guy, and would always buy colored ones. I had a few token white briefs, but rarely wore them. Boxers were the rage through the ’90s. I wore them to college every now and then, but didn’t like them. After I graduated from college, I got an office job. I started to dislike the confined feeling of briefs. I tried boxerbriefs, and they were okay. Then I decided to take another look at boxers. They were fine when I was seated, but felt really weird when I walked around the building. I spoke with a friend who is a boxers-only dude about having a difficult time getting used to boxers. He said that I had to give up briefs and wear nothing but boxers for a month and then I would adjust and that they would feel good to me. Turns out that he was right! I have over 100 pair of different underwear. Boxers have been my default UW for the past 7 years. I’ll wear boxerbriefs or briefs every now and then, especially if I’m going to undress for someone. Once you get used to hanging loose, it’s hard to go back to snug undies.