What’s in The Bag: Grooming Essentials for Men

Tuesday, February 25, 2014 0 , , , , Permalink 0
Some of you have been asking me about my grooming products, so I’ve decided to open up my toiletry bag and show you what’s in it; from hair products to skin ones, looking after your face and hair has become vital at this day and age, especially if you work in contact with the public or, in my case, in fashion!
But what are the best products out there at the moment? Is it really worth spending a lot of money on an high-end grooming product when you can find another similar one at a tenth of the price?

Find out all you need to know about my selection of men grooming products which will make you feel like a million dollar;

1) Spicebomb by Victor & Rolf: It has been my favourite companion for quite some time, but I can’t seem to get enough of this fragrance; It ticks all the right boxes for me, It is spicey, yet very fresh and young, a fragrance that doesn’t over power but instead, it attracts! The only downer, is that it doesn’t last long enough, oh well!
2) Kiehl’s Facefuel: This is one of my little addictions of mine, Face fueling my face has become a daily routine, and It really helps my face to look energized and radiant. Thanks to this little energizing moisture treatment, and its facial recovery accelerator factor, it really gives your skin the boost to resist to the harsh effects of the weather, whether it’s hot and sunny, or moist and rainy! Now my boyfriend asks me every time if I’ve fuelled my face! Must be working…
3) Fudge Mattehed: My hair has to look perfect every time. I’ve been trying different putties, gels, hair sprays and fudges…and have found some very good ones over the years, but my latest obssession is this Fudge mattehed, with a strong factor and with the most delicious fudge scent, this is the best hair product for the guy who wants to rock his hair style and make it stay that way for hours, without it looking shiny or hard! A firm hold texture paste with an extra matte finish that creates definition and helps you pump up the volume of your head.
4) Aesop puryfing facial exfoliant paste: This is a product that needs to be used to clear all the bad spots and impurities that build up in your face every day. Smog and pollution (especially for the ones that like me, live in a big city) will always end up clogging your pores, and that will affect you by building up pimples and black spots on your face. This product suits most skin types, and it contains fine quartz, rose mary leaves and lactic acid, all ingredients that will remove impurities and refresh your skin!
5) LE LABO Rose 31 Perfume Oil: This isn’t exactly your regular after shave, No Ma’am! It’s a perfume oil, a creation from Le Labo that can be used to scent your hair, hands or be used just like your ordinary perfume! I particularly love this scent, it is a quality product and I would recommend anyone to at least try it. Some good infos: it is a vegan product and they take as long as 2 years to develop each perfume. How cool is that?