Time is Running Out

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Watches have been a man’s best friend for decades, no matter if you are only a watch-casual user or a hard-core watch collector, you cannot deny how starstruck we can get when we see one of those little precious time-tracker blink in the sun, and then you get asked what made is that from, and you might have that very expensive one that everybody wants.

Either way, in today’s generation having a watch is still very cool, young hipters wear them, older chairmen and ladies. I have to admit that I’m still one of those people who just know the time because of the iPhone in the pocket; but I’m going to change that I promise; I have my eyes already set on a few incredible watches.


1) Micheal Kors Rose-Gold Oversized Chronograph Watch: Ultra-sexy and versatile Michael Kors watch comes in Rose-Gold or Bronze and it’s one of my favourite watches I’ve seen so far! It looks extra cool with the oversized shape and heavy-yet-refined look. If you like anything gold, than this is the one for you. It doesn’t look overly masculine, nor feminine. So it can be easily be worn by both men or women, a good thing about this watch is that it can be worn with almost every outfit! I said, ALMOST :p



2) Emporio Armani White Chrono-Watch: Armani has always been a brand that revolves around the masculine figure. The clothes, the accessories and the watches are all tailored for the man who loves to be called a MAN! I absolutely fell in love with the Emporio Armani White Watches and I thought the one on my collage was definetely the better shaped and with a great overall ceramic shine. Clean and tidy, just how I like it



3) Mougin & Piquard x J. Crew Stainless Steel Watch: Classic watch made from an awesome collaboration between Mougin&Piquard and J. Crew. I can see this awesome gadget being used over and over again during the years without loosing the trendy look. A classic watch for a timeless feel.



4) Chanel Black Glossy-Finish Watch: Now, Honestly…. Who doesn’t LOVE Chanel? This little jewel comes with an extra attitude, in glossy black and with an oversized shaped. If diamonds were indeed a woman’s best friend, than in this case, a Chanel watch is definetely a man’s! It might be very expensive considering the brand, but how about asking it for a very special occasion? Maybe Valentine’s? or your Birthday!



5) Burberry Britain Stainless-Steel Chronograph Watch: Making a bold move, my all-time favourite designer Burberry has decided to give a better light to the what-so-called fashion watches. This time coming with THE BRITAIN automatic. An incredible item for the geeky-fashionistas. Coming in different colors, my favourite has got to be the one in gunmatel matte and stainless steel finish. Now talking about the price, It’s a tad-expensive and it’s definetely for the hard-core shopaolic-ONLY, but believe me, IT’S TOTALLY WORTH IT!


  • They are all cute but I especially love the one in the middle


  • EV says:

    The Burberry is very attractive<3


  • amo says:

    very nice all of them
    dificult to choose just one of them