Time is Running Out Part #2

Friday, May 10, 2013 0 Permalink 0

The previous post was all about suits, and what’s a man with a suit without a serious watch? Sometimes we forget about the importance of time and watches, but you can make it up if you still haven’t found the perfect one. Men have different opinions on this matter as sometimes it can be a pretty big investment, practically a good watch becomes a sort of gent’s sidekick. So here’s my little selection of watches for the elegant and the classy.


Armani Exchange is usually a pretty good brand when it comes to great design and reasonable price, as you can see the combination of black steel and gold – what was that song called? Oh yeah…Black and Gold – works wonder and is perfect for the man who likes to appear a bit mysterious.


Sekonda on the other hand has been one of those brands that knew how to sell watches and we can soon find out why, this beautiful Sekonda watch made of silver and gold steel is just to die for.
Great for any occasion and very versatile, this item won’t let any men down. Mix it with a suit, or wear it with a more casual wear like V-neck and jeans……just can’t not love it.

If you like something more expensive, then the 88 Rue Du Rohne might be the one for you, if you are a leather lover – love the feel, smell and look of leather -, you will fall deeply for this. Perfect for the stylish gent, kind of Tv-hit mad men style, this chronograph is the synonym of masculinity with its black dial and gold bezel.

Now last but not least, for the young and sporty men out there: the casio G-SHOCK. It almost brings me back to childhood when I used to own a similar version of this watch, you can find them in different colours –white is just incredible if you are tanned – , they are water resistants, shock proof and are the perfect side kicks for all of you, gym junkies and work out freaks – I’ve recently joined the group by going back to swim… so maybe I should get myself a G-shock too!