The Wedding Season

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May is nearly here and it’s (unofficially) the Wedding Season everyone!
Get ready to spend hours and hours in department stores on finding a new suit, and a matching tie and shoes. You may not be a fan of weddings, but once you get called in the fray, you simply cannot refuse to go.
Some people are a bit clueless when it comes to dressing smart and looking good at a wedding, so I thought that I could share some of my knowledge and give out few tips.

As you can see on the picture above, I’ve put together two outfits that are perfect for particular events such as weddings, after parties, ceremonies, races etc.
When it comes to dressing smart, you need to remember that you should start with following a color pattern.
Help yourself with picking the suit first, so you have in mind which is the main color, then play around it. As you can see on the second look, I’ve decided to go with a Burberry Indigo Suit.

Another element that cannot be forgotten is, don’t overdo with the colors. Which means, don’t mix too many colors together as well as don’t overdo with the same shade as well.
If you’re not sure about something, just think classic. Find something that will be timeless and not too quirky. Sleek is chic people!

Everyone would love to go directly to a tailor the suit for us, but unfortunately unless you have the meanings, we have to settle with buying the suit already made.
So which fit should I go for? Well it depends, I usually prefer skinny-fit suits as they define the shape of the body and make you look very good in it, but don’t forget about your body size. If you’re stocky or muscly, maybe you should consider a slim-fit or regular fit suit. While if you are naturally slim or skinny, then a slim fit or skinny fit suit will be the one for you.

Last but not least, accessories such as ties-bow ties should be considered your best friends. You can get very creative or stay conservative. No matter what you decide, make sure It matches/contrast the suit color/textile. (I.E Maroon tie + Indigo suit)
Once the major obstacle of choosing “what to wear” has been climbed, then you can just relax and look forward to lunching and socializing at the after wedding ceremony. Not too bad considering everything has been paid for, right? 😉


Suit: Paul Smith London Kensington Slim Fit Wool Suit / £735.00 Buy Here
Shirt: Dunhill Cotton Shirt / £95.00 Buy Here
Shoes: Mr Hare Miller Patent Toe Cap Shoes / £400.00 Buy Here
Accessories: Bottega Veneta Intrecciato Antique-Silver Flat Square Cufflinks / £445 Buy Here
Lanvin New Alber Grenadine Silk Bow Tie / £80.00 Buy Here


Suit: Burberry London Samford Slim Fit Hemp Suit / £995.00 Buy Here
Shirt: Burberry White Cotton Shirt / £195.00
Shoes: Lanvin Leather Oxford Shoes / £465.00 Buy Here
Accessories: Ralph Lauren White Gold Skull Cufflinks With Diamonds Eyes Buy Here
Charvet Wide Woven-Silk Tie / £135.00 Buy Here

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