Summer Shoes for MEN

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A Heatwave has hit the U.K in the past couple of days, It just feels like Summer, doesn’t it?! Sun, breeze and lots of heat… Three elements that make people start dressing down and get rid of the heavy clothes.

Everything changes, the sweaters are replaced by comfy short sleeved shirts, jeans by shorts and those heavy boots by more light and appropriate footwear!
Summer shoes for men can be found in different shapes for different tastes. Espedrillas, Boat Shoes are definetely known as being the perfect summer shoes, but you can find very light trainers and brogues as well as the notorious and fancy driving shoes. No matter what your taste is, I’m sure you can find the right shoes for this summer! 😉


1) MR HARE KING TUBBY DERBY SHOES / £420.00: These suede brogues definetely reflect the spirit of summer, the color just reminds me of the sand and the summer harvest. They are very sleek and can reflect a touch of class. Pair these bad boys with a nice pattern short sleeve shirt and navy short-chinos and you’re ready to rock the party.
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2) QUODDY LEATHER BLUCHER SHOES / £180.00: Boat shoes are a must have, they are very cool and can be worn with almost anything. Chinos, denim, shorts… you name it! It will give you that rich ready to sail look. As well they can (MUST) be worn without socks, which means you won’t have to suffer when it gets to hot.
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3) LANVIN LEATHER SANDALS / £305.00: Aren’t these simply the coolest sandals ever? Haven’t seen such a good pair since last year Burberry Prorsum’s.
In Lanvin we trust and we know that The French Maison always manages to deliver when it comes to clothing and shoes. These sandals are available in three different colors; earthy brown, black and navy. Remember though… NO SOCKS!
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4) NIKE BLAZER VINTAGE SUEDE TRAINERS / £67.00: I’m SOOO in love with these sneakers, there is such a different range of colors but the light green ones got to be my faves! These shoes have been made with a suede upper part and a rubber lower sole.
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5) CAR SHOE SUEDE DRIVING SHOES / £240.00: These Italian shoes are originally designed to be worn behind the wheel of your BMW, but it manage to become very popular and breakthrough in the everyday life. Thanks to the shape and the aesthetic this shoe will provide the best comfort and feel.
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6) TED BAKER LACE UP ESPADRILLES / £65.00: Made with canvas upper sole and a woven sole and customized with a lace front fastening making these very unique and summer-proof.
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7) RALPH LAUREN STRIPED COTTON CANVAS ESPADRILLES / £170.00: The most common type of espadrilles, very laid back and versatile. you can wear them if you want to go down to the beach or go shopping to town. The red and navy detail will add a very preppy streak to your style.
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