Men Summer Essentials

Summer is coming soon, The weather is getting nicer and nicer as the days go by! And for the few fortunate who can go on vacation in some wonderful paradise Island hopefully can take some inspiration from today’s post! Well, How wonderful is going down to the beach, and relax yourself with friends and family with a nice cold drink as you stare at the sun setting right in front of you. Well, wether you will do it in few weeks or in few months, here my ten Men Summer Essentials!!!


1) Orlebar Brown Baron Beach Towel / £75.00: One of the essentials when you need to go down the beach is definetely a big beach towel, and why not having a cool one? Orlebar Baron Beach towels are made of cotton-Pique’ giving it a very incredible soft feel. Perfect to pack it on your tote, lay on the sand and ready to be used after a cool bathe in the ocean!!! Oh yes

You can find this in different colors such as baby blue, navy, etc at Mr Porter Online

2) Saturdays Surf NYC Polka-Dot Swim shorts / £70.00: No matter where you head to, down to the beach or right at the beach bar at night for a cocktail, these swim shorts will add a very trendy look. Polka dots on the beach you can wear them with nice armani sandals and wayfarer sunglasses.

You can find these at Mr Porter Online


3) Levi’s Made & Crafted Canvas & Leather Tote / £230.00: Well I believe a tote is needed when you want to go for your summer holidays by the sea. Very stylish this tote will wow many people with the two tone nautical look to it. Leather handles gives this bag the best finish touch.

You can find this at Mr Porter Online


4) Ipod Classic 160Gb / £199.00: With 160Gb of storage you can make sure that all your hits and more are coming with you wherever you are. In a wild beach in Thailand or a crazy resort in Ibiza. Music will be with you with the Ipod classic!

You can find this at Apple Store or Selfridges Online


5) Rayban Original Wayfarer Sunglasses / £165.00: Classic wayfarer sunglasses with a tortoise finish. They are going to be your best friend as you will be able to look at the sun with no problem as well as making you look the coolest guy on the boat.

You can find this at Mr Porter Online


6) Marc by Marc Jacobs Classic Swimshorts / £135.00: They might look plain, but Marc Jacobs never fail to impress, the quality and the design are just superb. You also can buy these in gray.

You can find these at Mr Porter Online


7) Havaianas Rubber Flip Flops / £20.00: You need these bad boys when you’re by the pool acting cool. It will give you an instant touch of Brazilian spice. They just scream summer, beach, and good time

You can find these at Mr Porter Online


8) Sisley Super Huile Solaire SPF 6 / £68.00:  Now if you want to get even tanner with what you are, this Oil will help you achive that good look in a very healthy way. This product is suitable for the skin who’s already been exposed by sunrays or tanned. The good thing is that it filters the rays and it can be used on your skin as well on your hair. You will end up having a last-longing tan with a very healthy and soft skin.

You can find this at Selfridges Beauty Online


9) Nintendo Dsi XL / £99.00: Welllll, I’m such a big kid, but at times to times, I really like playing games and what’s better than the Nintendo DSi XL? You can play your Super Mario Games or Donkey Kongs, as you lay on your awesome Orlebar beach towel. I so need a holidaay

You can find this at Gamestation E-store


10) Origins Save the Males Multi-Benefit Moisturizer / £27.00: After a long day at the beach and after the showers, you need this last kiss. It’s perfect for dehidrated skin especially for sun damaged skin. So why not treat yourself with it and use it just before a crazy night out. If you take care of your skin, then the skin will repay you by giving you the best look and boost of confidence.

You can find this at Selfridges Beauty Online

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