Keep it Moving with Guess Connect

Smart watches and wearable technology are growing stronger year by year, but I was always slightly sceptical with owning and actually using a smart watch on a day-to-day basis!

Having said that, I have to admit that Guess might have changed my mind on the subject!


I was given the chance to work with the brand to see how these new gadgets work, so I’ve picked my favourite Guess Connect (in this case, the smaller 41mm) in blue and rose gold and took it to Asia with me to try it out.

I have to say that I felt a tiny bit reluctant in setting it up, and It left me confused for a day or two…. the moment I took it out the box, and paired with my iPhone, that’s when I knew this was going to be an awesome sidekick to use while abroad.


First of all, It needs to be paired with a smart phone, once you have downloaded the app from the e-store, you can start seriously playing with it. The great thing about the Guess connect, is that it still looks like an actual regular watch, (it’s no apple watch with a digital screen) but that’s why I love it. You don’t look like a total geek while wearing it, instead, you can keep the secret features to yourself and only share them with your close friends!


That’s right, you can receive calls (Hello future, I truly felt like a power ranger), use siri on the go, or read text messages/whatsapp notifications. Which is great if you are on the go, and have your hands full or are just driving for example. Additional and very helpful features for me are the local time on the digital screen  (I hate having to forward or set it back according to the new time zone) and the camera mode for selfies! Being a fashion blogger, and always on the move, these were perfect for my needs (It truly made my life much easier in Hong Kong). Also, it’s worth mentioning that the watch pairs with your phone via Bluetooth, which means you don’t need to have your 3G or WI-FI activated.


Unless of course, if you want to use siri, or want to see the latest Whatsapp notifications, then your phone will need to be connect on some network!

Guess Connect might not be for everybody, I’m sure some people would prefer a smart watch that can access your boarding passes, or show your latest pictures that you took from your phone, BUT this is not what Guess does, on the other hand, if you are looking for a cool wearable watch to use every day that has extra “powers” and can make your day smoother, then Guess connect is the watch for you!

Think about it, you don’t need a watch that can fully substitute your phone, right? What would be the point of that??

This watch comes in two different sizes, mine is the “smaller” 41mm in Blue and gold featuring the silicone strap, but you can also get the bigger 45mm! The connect comes in different colours too, such as brown and gold, and black and white!





Ron x

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