How To Choose The Right Swimwear

Wednesday, May 30, 2012 0 , , Permalink 0
Choosing swimwear is a task that a lot of men find tough, but if you know your body shape you can choose swimwear that will flatter your form and be easy to wear.
Nobody wants to be the laughing stock of the pool or beach, so follow this guide and find the perfect swimwear for your summer wardrobe.

1) SPEEDOS / Unless you’re built like Adonis and have the confidence to carry it off, avoid brief-style swimwear like Speedos at all costs. If you’ve got shorter legs or a bit of a tummy then a bathing suit like this will only serve to accentuate the bits you’d rather hide. If you want to bare as much flesh as possible then go for loose shorts instead, which will be far more flattering.
2) BOLD PATTERNS / Bold patterns look great if you’re tall and athletic but if you’re packing a few pounds then bold patterns will make you look bigger. Darker colours will have the most slimming effect so choose blue or black instead.
3) TAILORED SHORTS / If you want to give your tummy some support and make your legs look longer then choose mid-thigh tailored shorts. This look ties in with the preppy trend that was all over the spring/summer catwalks, so you’ll be able to wear your shorts on the beach or at the bar when teamed with boat shoes and a polo shirt.
4) BIG AND BAGGY / You can make your skinny legs look more substantial with big and baggy skater-style shorts. This type of men’s swimwear works a treat on tall, skinny frames but if you want to spend a lot of time in the water they can drag you down. If you’ve got a skinny frame then you can carry off bright colours and bold patterns so choose acid yellow or hot pink to really get noticed.
5) BERMUDAS / Bermuda shorts have been a classic look for men for decades but if you’ve got short legs opt for a shorter length. Bermuda shorts suit skinny and athletic frames but they also work well for chunkier thighs because they stop at the slimmest part of your leg.
6) CHANGE IT UP / So many men only choose one pair of trunks or shorts for their holiday but they’re so inexpensive that you can afford to buy a few different pairs and change your look to really stand out.