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Hair, Hair, Hair!!! Have you ever woken up in the morning and looked in the mirror and felt sick about how your hair looks like? All dry and horribly greasy, you just feel let down and absolutely not ready to face the day in front of you! well It happens to me all the time!
My hair is really thick and tends to dry really easily and I am among the unfortunate ones that has to take care of hair with quite particular attention.

But not to worry, Yesterday I went a little shopping for some hair products and I came up with a few little gems that you might be interested in and would like to know more about! In this post I’ll mainly talk about Hair Masks and how to make your hair soft and protect it from being dry and weak!

1) James Brown Intensive Mask Β£8.16 2) J.B Photofabulous Shimmer Serum Β£7.19 3) J.B Photofabulous Moisturizing Conditioner 4) J.B Photofabulous Hair Spray 5) Tony & Guy Reconstructive Mask 6) Tony & Guy Texture Paste 7) Tony & Guy Blow Dry Style 8) Tony & Guy Straight & Shine Smoothing Balm

So, What’s a hair mask and why is it good for your hair?

Hair mask is a moisturizing treatment for hair, and just like the facial ones they can help to keep your hair on top of its shape! Hair masks can be a bliss if you have natural dry hair and also they can be a special treat if you tend to damage your hair with flat irons, hair dye and blow dryers.
We all know that curly/wavy hair can be gorgeous but when it becomes fizzy, well not so much! There’s nothing worse than flicking your hand through your hair and feel like you’re touching some sort of exotic plant in the sahara!! Well if you’re tired of that, you should definetely consider investing some money into them!

I actually bought two from two completely different brands to try them out and see which one was the best! On the picture above, on the left we have the James Brown products, mostly renowned for being a top hair stylist and friend of Top Model “Kate Moss“, while on the right we have the Tony & Guy products! Born and bred in Britain, with numerous seasons backstage at London Fashion Week and Infamous for its hair salons around the globe!

The two masks are completely different in packaging and dosage while the price remains very similar, with a slight over price on the James Brown product!

TONY & GUY Reconstructive Mask:

The tony&guy mask comes in the 200ml bottle, As you can see the packaging is very sleek and elegant, mainly white/light grey with that orange line. It quite intrigued me when I first saw it and I think it was meant to attract people who like to have a good packaging. It is very appealing to the eyes and looks quite posh as well.
The product i have to admit that is really good and it worked on my dry hair, the only low point that I have to say is the smell of it. I’m not a fan and didn’t impress me that much. As it says on the box, you just have to apply on your dry hair for about 3-5 mins and then rinse it out. To be honest I never follow instructions and a friend of mine, who’s a hairdresser, suggested me to leave it for about 25-30 mins to have maximum effect. It doesn’t hurt your hair anyways πŸ˜‰

James Brown London Intensive Moisture Mask:

The James Brown Intensive Mask comes in a 150ml tube. As you can see the packaging is quite simple but still can be really appealing to the eyes and have that fine elegant touch to it. White tube with black fancy writings and the signature JB brand on front. Unfortunately it doesn’t come in a box like its Tony&Guy counterpart which is a bit disappointing. On the good side though, the smell is gorgeous and the consistence of the cream is well better in my opinion.
The instructions are the same as the other. James brown actually wrote on the back “I recommend this to models at the close of London Fashion Week. After a week of constant blow-drying and straightening, their hair needs a concentrated infusion of moisture and calm the scalps, while shea butter deeply hydrates the hair. It’s like a facia for the hair and scalp”. It’s meant to be used once a week, and you have to apply on dry hair for about 25-30 mins and then rinse it.

Crowned Winner:
I’m a big fan of the Tony&Guy packaging and the difference can’t really be told about the two products.
I’ve gotta choose one and only, and my vote go for the James Brown Intensive Moisture Mask, just because the smell is well better, and I think it makes my hair a little bit softer! They are both great products and I’d say they can be both used by girls and guys (well mainly for people with a medium/long hair).
If you want to give one as a present to a guy then I’d not think about it twice and buy the Tony&Guy as it’s more sleek and masculine. The packaging is amazing, and really made me go gaga over it!!!

If you’re looking for a cheap but still good mask, you can always go for the Tresemme intensive mask, I used it for months and never once I had a problem or complained about it!

I bought all these wonderful gems at Boots and at the moment there’s a perfect offer on professional hair products including Tony&Guy,Wella and James Brown. 3×2, so you can mix and match them while saving money!!!

After drying your hair, It’s time for style, and as I showed on the picture on top, I suggested two type of products. One is the Serum from James Brown. It’s Awesome if you want your hair to be soft and natural but have a shimmery look add to it. While on the other side we have the Tony&Guy putty, if you wish to have a more definite and bold look.
You can use it to style mohawkes or sleek backs, but It’s a very versatile product that you can use it for anything really! I didn’t speak about the before-drying. But I will dedicate a whole post about it another day! πŸ˜‰
I really hope you found this helpful and convinced you to get one of those excellent creams for your lovely hair!! Till next time πŸ˜‰




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