Dear Dad: My Father’s Day Gift Edit

“Dear Dad…. I hope you enjoy the treats I’m sending you” That’s how I’ll start my special letter to my dad.

I will be mega busy from next week due to men’s fashion week, meaning I’ll have to skip celebrating Father’s day with him (boohoo to that), but that doesn’t mean I haven’t thought of little gifts to send him for this special day!


As you can see, I’ve put together a selection of things that he really enjoys (don’t worry Dad, chocolates will also be in the goodie bag!!!), such as a fresh men’s cologne and a book/guide that really needs to be read by every gents. (please do take notes and inspiration, these are truly great products)


But most importantly, I wanted to try a little experiment: I really want to see if I can bring my Dad to the 21st century when it comes to shaving, by introducing him to something more new and possibly, ultra handy to have! (hey, he might say goodbye to those horrible 2-blades disposables)

Philips series 7000 shaver/trimmer is the perfect gift and possibly a life saver side kick for every man, as we all need to shave, so why not do it with precision and in total comfort? (hello to those 3 round blades)


I might not be treating my dad to a pampering day at the barber shop, but I’m pretty confident to say that this Philips shaver is certainly something he will love.



Ron x




philips-shaver-7000-fathers-day-gift-guide-02 philips-shaver-7000-fathers-day-gift-guide-03