Christmas Gift Ideas: Grooming for Him


Rushing out on the 24th of December to get the perfect Christmas present is never a fun thing to do, I have to admit that I have stopped wandering in town aimlessly looking for the perfect gifts, and what I do now, is sit back and browse (carefully) online and follow tips from other influencers.

Today, we are putting together a selection of potential grooming products (UNDER £60!!!) that will be the perfect Christmas presents for him.

From after shaves, to extreme hair products, and moisturisers, we have it all covered for the guy who likes to keep himself on top conditions!


1) PATRICKS S2 SHINE FINISH MEDIUM HOLD POMADE: Hair were Sampson’s strongest feature, and nothing much has changed since, as the metrosexual man takes pride from the beauty of his hair, the need of high-end hair products has gone through the roof.

This Patricks S2 pomade is the best on the market, re-moldable, it has nourishing proprieties that will leave you with a high-shine without being invasive and harsh to your hair (remember those days of being scared of potential hair loss due to bad hair gel?!)


Available for £38 here


2) TOM FORD PURIFYING FACE CLEANSER: If you are looking to give your partner or friend, something special, this Tom Ford Face cleanser is just PERFECT. Made with a special formula, this cleanses and moisturises your skin, without leaving any dry or tight skin. An absolute gem to have in a toiletry bag. He will certainly thank you for this


Available for £35 here


3) ELTON JOHN AIDS FOUNDATION X BAXTER OF CALIFORNIA WASH BAG: A luxury item to give for the ones who embark on extended glam-travels around the world; this product not only has all the men-grooming essentials in one place (yep, you heard it! moisturisers, face wash, and comb included) but all the sales made, will go to charity. A win-win situation for everyone.


Available for £65 here


4) INVICTUS GIFT SET: Invictus is the fragrance for all the men who are decisive and love to WIN! Fruity with a sensual woody base, It comes in its own metal box with the aftershave and the natural spray. Paco Rabanne’s best product to date, for sure!


Available for £57 here


5) GAME FACE MOISTURISER: This little tube that reminds of an acrylic bottle, is in fact any man’s best friend against the elements! It will protect your face against harsh conditions and will make your skin soft and prevent blotchiness. As described on Selfridges “Engineered by infusing Jojoba extract, Horopito oil, Ponga fern and Vitamin E, Gameface is nutrient rich and hydrating, a guy’s moisturiser that’s better than the girls’ ones”

I think we are SOLD!


Available for £34 here