Christmas Gift Ideas for HIM part #2

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I feel like I wasn’t quite done writing the Christmas Gift Ideas post yet, as there were a few more items that I wanted to add onto my for-HIM only “Santa wish list“. As for the first part, if you’ve missed the reading then I suggest you catching up promptly just by clicking here!

In the previous post I got some comments, very useful ones as some of you were saying that their partners had a more basics taste. Of course what I’m suggesting has a particular taste and maybe it’s for that kind of guy that loves gadgets and expensive things.
I’m trying my best to mix the game a bit and add things such as Tech-games, specifically for the ones with a bit of geek in their heart! So please, try to bear with me for a little longer ha-ha!

BURBERRY SHOES & ACCESSORIES GOLD-TONE DOG HEAD CUFFLINKS / £165.00: Feeling the animal inside growing in you each day? How about indulging in these beautiful Burberry gold-tone Dog head cufflinks? These little beauts are a perfect Christmas gifts for the fashionistas and the dog-lovers. They definitely add the good amount of quirkiness and elegance into your outfit! If Gold is not your color, then how about the Silver tone Fox-head cufflinks? Just one word…RAD!
Available @ MRPORTER


1) FOUNDWELL HAND-CARVED GORILLA HEAD LETTER OPENER / £995.00: What if I said… King Kong just stole my mail? Well you’d probably look at me back in a weird way. Not if I showed you this amazing gadget, A Hand-Carved letter opener with a Gorilla head on top of it! The attention to details is meticulous and it shows clearly. If I were into collecting cool stuff, then this tool would be definitely on the top of my list, THAT’S FO’ SURE!
Available @ MRPORTER


2) ALEXANDER MCQUEEN SKULL PRINT-SCARF / £165.00: Am I being too predictable already? Well, Alexander Mcqueen always makes a beautiful present, don’t matter if it’s Christmas, his birthday or the first communion. A silky skull scarf screams luxury and edge. Ideal to wear during any kind of weather and add layers on your everyday outfit. A Timeless piece some would say!
Available @MRPORTER


3) J.CREW IPHONE 5 LEATHER COVERS / £40.00: The ultimate sleek gadget for the Iphone lovers out there! J. Crew this time around offers an incredible chic way to protect your phones from scratches and potential damages. Completely covered in leather, these bad boys come in different colors and textures!
Available @MRPORTER


4) PERSOL STEVE MCQUEEN EDITION / £250.00: I’m in love with these sunglasses, I think they complement masculinity and add a veil of mystery on the person who wears them. They are Steven Mcqueen limited edition and they are the foldable version, so you can pack them up and put them in your coat’s pocket without a problem! I honestly think most men would enjoy such a present! don’t you think?
Available @PERSOL


5) TOM FORD NOIR / £75.00: As Selfridges describes “Tom Ford Noir. An oriental, sensual fragrance that captures the dual facets of the Tom Ford man; the refined, urbane sophisticate who the world gets to see; and the intriguingly sensous, private man they don’t. This dynamic tension between inner and outer, and between prestige and mystery, is masterfully woven into a single, magnetizing harmony of luxurious elegance” I think that was more than enough for me to go and buy a bottle!


6) FOUNDWELL TELLS YOU HOW COCKTAIL SHAKER / £995.00: How can you forget Tom Cruise in Cocktail? If you want to feel the same, then this little gem will make you feel like you’re in the movie, just like Tom! Sleek and super cool, this Cocktail shaker actually tells you the right quantity of some of all time faves cocktails. Well, It’s Christmas, and a beverage is highly required….SUSAN, IT’S TIME TO PARTAAAY!
Available @ MRPORTER


7) WII-U / £250.00: The new Nintendo console is one of the reasons that could keep most of the family together during Christmas day… Think of it, being all snuggled by the fire, Frank Sinatra in the background while you are playing the new Super Mario U game with your partner and his friends, right after the best Turkey dinner ever. and It suddenly feels like Christmas, doesn’t it?
Available @NINTENDO

  • Oyes, my man definitely needs some new cologne for Christmas! I’ve never smelled Tom Ford but I bet it’s divine, just like him!

    Also- I’m hosting a décor-to-dress giveaway where 3 winners will WIN a fabulous frock of their choice just in time for the holidays! Hope you’ll stop by to enter the contest!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

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  • Milex says:

    Your sense of style is definitely something I can relate to.

  • Awesome pics!! I wanna let you know that my XMAS GIVEAWAY is started!


  • Lalli says:

    cool blog and cool post!Great peaks for Christmast gifts!
    thank you for commenting my last post, I follow you on Blogloving and I like to follow you on GFC but I didn’t find you.
    If you like, follow me back!

  • I love everything, i want everything!!

  • Isa says:

    The cocktail mixer is brilliant. A need for any boy!